This statement alone changed my life a few years ago:

Your thoughts create your reality.

Wowza. Let that sink in for minute.

If you think you are getting sick, you will get sick.
If you think that you are growing rich, you are probably right!
If you think that the world is out to get you, that’s what you will attract.
If you think you have a business idea that will change the world, most likely it will!

The crazy thing is that I didn’t believe this until I tested it out. (Haha, you know the former scientist in me needs evidence + data.)

Slowly but surely, my thoughts created my reality.

We bought the home in Costa Rica.
We got the luxury waterfront condo in New Jersey.
We stayed together in our marriage, happily, despite my husband transitioning to my wife.
I continue to dream big in my business and hit the milestones I dream of and goals I set.
I continue to attract the most amazing clients from around the world to work with.

And the list could go on. 🙂

Remember, this goes both ways:
You want a miserable reality, think about miserable stuff. You’ll get just that.
You want a joyful and abundant reality, think about joyful and abundant stuff. You’ll get just that!

What kind of reality are you creating for yourself?

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