I spent last week alone, in a cabin in Mystic, CT, really thinking about what I desire for my life and business. Nothing is wrong, per se, but I’ve learned this CEO requires lots of alone time to recharge, connect with nature, and listen to my Soul. 

Throughout the four days in Mystic, I visited two wildlife conservatories and kayaked on the river. My Soul LOVES nature–and I often turn to nature for the answers to many of my most pressing questions:

  • What’s my next best step from here?
  • What can I learn from nature’s cycles/rhythms and apply to my life/biz?
  • What do I desire most, right now? 

I grabbed a cup of coffee this week (back in NJ) and picked up my colored pencils–and look what appeared in my journal: The egret I watched in the salt marsh last Saturday.


If you are deeply connected to spirit like me, you might pay attention to signs that come your way, and this includes animals that appear along your path. This egret was majestic, and I watched it for nearly 20 minutes. According to animal totems, it carries this meaning: 

“The egret teaches us to stand in the physical and spiritual worlds. He teaches healing of the emotions in order to bridge the heart and mind… Egret helps look deeper into aspects of life, brings out innate wisdom and shows how to become self-reliant. Egret is sharp, direct and to the point.”

One “famous” line I’m known for with my clients and students is this: YOU KNOW. You know, if you get quiet enough, and still enough, and ask yourself what it is you desire from your life and your business. You, like the egret, have innate wisdom!  


How empowering is that? 


When we embrace what we know (which is often masked by the default: “I don’t know.”), everything seems to get much simpler. This doesn’t mean we aren’t going to need help along the way, but it means that YOUR SOUL KNOWS and houses the clues we can tune into for guidance.  


How can you tap into your Soul this week and ask it what it desires? Will you pay closer attention to the signs on your path, for deeper insight into building the life and business that you desire? 


P.S. I took my weekly Coffee Date with My Business on the kayak last week and created this: Kayaking and Business Building. Please leave a comment so I know you stopped by.