M. Shannon Hernandez

Discover your Biz Expansion Score!

We help established coaches and consultants grow a joyful and profitable business they love—where abundant time off is non-negotiable.


What would falling in love with marketing and content creation do for your business? We know you’ve got a mission to reach more peeps with the important work you do as a coach or consultant! And we are here to help you and your content be UNFORGETTABLE.

The Confident Expert™ Program

Don’t have enough qualified leads reaching out to work with you? It’s time to create JOYFUL marketing that attracts your perfect fit clients and sells out your programs.

The JOYFUL CEO Mastermind Program

Want to expand your coaching/consulting business, but the fear of burnout is real? The Joyful CEO Mastermind Program helps coaches scale their joy, income, and impact–without it taking more of your time and energy.


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