I spoke at a Bed & Breakfast Conference in Virginia a couple of weeks ago. One of the main things I knew that I needed to convey to the crowd of busy innkeepers was what I call, “The case for blogging”.

Many business owners just don’t see the value in creating content. So I am going to try and break this down quickly for you today. (I realized when writing this newsletter that I could actually write a book about this!)

Quality content—that is content that speaks to your target audience—has the power to:

  • Let others get to know you
  • Let others learn to trust you
  • Let others understand your speciality/expertise
  • Allow you to become a resource in your industry
  • Drive people back to your website, where your services, programs, and products are housed (BINGO…this means money in your bank account!)

But, in addition to all of those aspects outlined above, do you know the #1 thing that quality content does for your business?

It turns your website from a static, non-indexed site, into a breathing and living site that is indexed by Google each and every time you publish a post!

And do you know what that means? It means that Google sees you as a resource and a living, breathing business.

And do you know what *that* means? When people search for things like, “best B&B in Miami”, or “holistic physical therapist in Brooklyn”, or “online copywriting classes”, you show up in the Google search—providing you have been blogging and using the proper keyword phrases and tags.

And this is the main reason I am so flipping passionate about business owners creating content on a consistent basis. {tweet this}

I get it—you are strapped for time. But, do you have enough business, on a consistent basis, that you don’t need any more clients, ever? Be honest with yourself now.

I’ll stop here for now…I hope this sheds a little light on why it is so important that you are blogging and creating content, consistently, for your business.