I’d like to answer a question I received about story marketing:

Q: Where can I use stories in my marketing? Like, where should I put them?

A: Everywhere! But let me get a little more specific.

Newsletters: Did you know that for every month you go without communicating with your list via email, you lose 10% or more of your relationship value and goodwill with your future customer? And after 6 months, they have moved on and are working with your competitors. We ain’t got time for this nonsense! Stories are a great way to connect with your community and build stronger relationships.

Facebook: Depending on your Content Personality™, Facebook is a fantastic platform for you to share what is going on in your world—and tie those stories to your offers. If you are a live-in person and/or video personality—go live and share a story! If you are a written personality—draft a short story and put a picture with it! If you are a visual personality—create a meme or visual and pair it with a story!

Sales pages: Story sells. So why not start using story on your sales pages and in your personal invitations for others to work with you? This simple act of leading with a story can mean a big difference in enrolling amazing peeps into your programs, courses, events, and 1:1 work.

Stories connect us. They create an impression or a feeling and generate an emotion around an experience.

Two weeks ago, I was in Denver presenting at a conference called Imagination IQ. You guessed it – I was teaching fellow biz owners how to Craft Stories That Sell. Because I had limited time on stage, I shortened my workshop and hit the main points.

And guess what happened? Allison posted her story on Facebook – the very one she drafted during my presentation. Within two hours, she had two paying students for her upcoming WordPress Course. Woohoo! And the next day, she posted this on my Facebook wall:

marketing with story

Allison is not the exception. Elizabeth has been using my process for crafting stories that sell to fill her massage therapist mentoring program. Meg has been using stories to fill her workshops. The list could go on and on, but I think you get the point! <3

Storytelling in your marketing removes the triggers, the sales-y feeling, and the alarms that go off when someone feels they are being pitched to. No one likes being sold to. It feels yucky and pushy for them. And it feels awkward for you.

I wonder what would be possible for your business, and your marketing, if you spent time with me, understanding how to craft stories that sell?

Over in my year-long program for Thought Leaders, the Content Strategy Academy, we help you understand how to put your content out into the world in a way that feels really, really good to you–and to your future clients. The Academy is all about helping you understand marketing and strategy so you can make a bigger impact in the world and reach more people.

Here’s to having more fun and magic in your marketing—through story and BEING you.