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Meet Susie Schaefer

Finish the Book Publishing is a company that I started when I realized that authors really need help being guided through the system of independent publishing. We see a lot of people just slap a book up on Amazon and make huge mistakes, and it can cost them in the long run. So I’m here, and sometimes people will call me a book shepherd. Sometimes they’ll call me a guide, a consultant, a coach. It doesn’t matter. I hold their hand and walk them through the entire process.



My favorite thing about the Confident Expert community is that when I have a question, or I feel stuck, or I am blocked in a certain area, I can check in with that group and say, “Where am I going? What’s the direction? Am I doing something wrong?” And they will give me honest feedback, which really can help me get unstuck. I don’t find a lot of other groups will offer that kind of collaboration that we have with each other. And everybody does such a good job at keeping it, just, it’s very professional. It’s very high level, but really because we all embrace your values. It’s important that we really love on each other. And so it’s super cool. It’s very, very supportive, which I think we all need.

The cool thing about TCE is that all of us are at different phases in our business. So we can learn from people who have gone before us. We can learn from people who sometimes aren’t even up to the same speed as we are. But it’s great, because we all come together and we learn from each other. And I have to tell you, there are several times that I have taken a couple of your courses more than one time as a TCE student, and every time I get something new out of it, I get something different out of it. It’s either that the content has been refreshed, because you are great about doing that, refreshing content as we evolve. But also, sometimes I’ve got to hear it a couple times before it really sinks in. And so I love that the content and the learning is constantly evolving.

[To someone looking at The Confident Expert Program,] I would say quit messing around with those other programs and that free stuff, and just take your business seriously and invest in your business. The money that you spend, you’re going to make back tenfold. So you need to get past that mindset for the first thing. But when you get off the fence and you invest in your own business, it opens up the doors for everything. You’re going to get more clients, better clients, people who want to pay you for your services. It’s just, energetically, the best thing you could do, because my business totally changed once I got on board and got serious with this. And I saw it shift again, too.

I took a little bit of a break because I was just looking at where my money was going as far as my investing in my business? And I thought, I’m just going to take a little break over summer. And then I realized, yeah, no, I need this group. I need this connection. So it made sense. I said, I’ve got to get back on board. So I was gone for a blip, because I realized how important it was to continually invest in my business and take it seriously. And then it doesn’t become about the money. It becomes about you being a business owner.

You can follow the pineapples to finishthebookpublishing.com, and read all about why the pineapple and read about the services that I offer. I offer full book production and book marketing. Book marketing is one of those things that happens to be a top seller for me. And learn about the different programs I have, like behind the scenes, that brings people together to create a book as a team.

Susie Schaefer
Finish The Book Publishing


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