Welcome to another Confident Expert Student Spotlight!

In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.


Meet Maddie Brown

Maddie is a CPA who loves working with small businesses. She is passionate about helping small business owners make and keep more money.


She does this by helping business owners be aware and understand finances while supporting them in making good decisions.

Money can be a touchy subject.

You wouldn’t believe the backlash I receive in my inbox when I talk about money and wealth mindset! The sad thing is, a lot of people don’t have anyone to talk to about their money. It’s become something so taboo that a lot of spouses don’t even share the nitty-gritty details with each other. Money can be an intimate thing, but Maddie gives CEOs someone to turn to while helping people take an honest look at their numbers.  

Maddie has been working with me since I was just a “baby” business owner making a whopping $500 a YEAR. And with her support, I’ve blossomed into a highly paid, highly profitable CEO.

A lot of the people I hire for my team go on to join my programs, so when Maddie saw how enthusiastic I was about The Confident Expert™ Program, her curiosity was no surprise. She knew that even as an established business owner she needed to learn more and work on her own marketing. {#SmartCEO}

You have to grow and change to reach people. And she saw how I grew my community in an involved, authentic way and it inspired her.

“The world is constantly changing and growing. You’re either growing or dying… Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of every business.” -Maddie Brown

If you quit growing and expanding, then your business can only go in one direction. As a business owner, you have to pay attention and be aware of how the world is changing around you, so you can reach more people. Maddie knew that the best way to expand her business was through marketing and sales, so investing in the Program was a no brainer.

There are a lot of programs out there today, and finding one that will actually help you can be difficult. I know, because a lot of my students came from programs that didn’t work for them.

You get out of your business what you invest in it, and too many people are paying for programs that don’t actually serve them the way they need (or continue downloading freebie after freebie hoping something works).   

How you fare in your business is all about your level of commitment to that business. If you are committed to growing, and you know you need help, it isn’t going to happen unless you invest time and money in the help you need to do that. The Confident Expert™ Program is an investment in your business that will help you find what works for you, how to grow and expand, plus a powerful community to lean into every step of the way.

Maddie Brown


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