Welcome to another Confident Expert Student Spotlight!

In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.


Meet Bisi MacGregor

Bisi is the mindset coach for the driven CEO and entrepreneur. She helps business owners transform their mindset so they can return to what truly matters to their hearts.


Within the first two weeks of joining The Confident Expert™ Program, Bisi signed a speaking engagement where she got paid $2000.

And get this!

At first, she was only going to ask for $500 but members in The Confident Expert program could see she was undercharging. So they gave her a loving nudge in the right direction to charge more. And to make things even better they covered her airfare as well!

Bisi continues to gain value from The Confident Expert community. The raw, authentic conversations have helped her grow in her business beyond what she dreamed of. Each call is a safe, kind space full of people who have your back and hold you accountable. The people in The Confident Expert Program are there to help you get where you want to go in your business.

Sometimes Bisi doesn’t feel like making sales calls or marketing her business (we all can relate to that!). And after every monthly clinic, Bisi leaves fired up and motivated to work on her business. The calls help her reduce the mind chatter and empower her to get shit done in her business with #JoyFirst.

Thinking about joining The Confident Expert Program? Bisi has a little advice for you:

“Get off the fence. Look at this as an investment. This will move your mindset forward in ways you can only dream of so long as you are willing, open and ready to take action. The best investment you can make is in yourself.”

Are you tired of trying to measure up to other people’s standards and ready to create a business that is set to YOUR standards and values? Maybe it’s time to invest in The Confident Expert Program and plug into a community that lifts you up and helps you get to where you want to go!

Bisi Mcgregor


Our mission is to help coaches and consultants design a joyful and profitable business they love—where abundant time off is non-negotiable.

Here are two ways I can help you grow your coaching and consulting business:

  1. Join The Confident Expert Program.

This is our flagship program which helps coaches and consultants around the globe make more money and impact by being EXACTLY who they already are. How freeing is that?!? We call this #JoyfulMarketing. Check out the program and apply here.

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