Welcome to another Confident Expert Student Spotlight!

In these short interviews, you will learn about one of our wonderful students, the services they offer, and why they joined the program. You’ll get an inside look at how the program is helping them build their business.

Meet Alex Iglecia

I am the creator of Being Epic. I offer Leadership Evolution & Group Facilitation movers and shakers, teachers and trainers who are brilliant, have a successful business and are ready to discover their global contribution (how they operate in the world) so they can create their legacy work.

I’m excited about being content with who I am, the contribution of my business, and with my life and wife! I’m also very excited about meeting more people around the world who are ready to be moved and shaken to the core of their being so they can be the core of their being 🙂 For example, I have Wake Up Epic, a 28-day movement practice, which one participant is doing for the third time because it’s helped her stay on her path through some big downs and new ups. I think a movement practice like this is a missing leadership link for movers and shakers because most morning routines, and exercises – and even how we view our own body – actually keep us trapped in old ways of thinking.

Before joining The Confident Expert Program, my biggest struggle was selling my unique body of work and signature method, the Global Contribution Map, and feeling good about marketing it. The work was amazing, fun, and occasionally profitable. But I wasn’t marketing it most days. When I was doing marketing, I felt stupid and bad. I felt trapped by marketing and powerless to change my situation.

This program helped me realize there was a disconnect between my abilities to a) create lots of fun content and b) dive deep into authenticity with my priority of being effective with leadership marketing on purpose. I was stuck in a deeply rooted belief that “authenticity” and “marketing” weren’t allowed in the same sentence.

The Confident Expert Program contained all the strategy and practical stuff – branding, time management, sales; all of the components of marketing authentically. It was liberating. I had to uncouple from everyone’s beliefs and expectations on how I should do business and allow myself to be me.

I’ve loved the interactions on group zooms and online workshops because I learn so much from everyone’s questions. I have become clearer about my options for marketing and how to generate content from my core ideas. Having structures and framework to refine the MANY ideas I have is very helpful.

As a result of implementing the program material, my Global Contribution work has become clearer and more powerful with successful business owners who are NOW doing their legacy work. My price per session has gone up from $400 to $1250.

When I launched the Wake Up Epic 28-day morning movement practice, I did so with direct messages to invite people. I also created content using my video personality and made the videos feel like live experiences. I also enjoyed contributing as a sponsor and presenter at Time & Freedom LIVE!

More than anything, the community was a much-needed support as I was doing business non-traditionally and supporting my parents through my dad’s transitions with dementia and beyond. My friendship with Shannon and her ass-kicking leadership was both nurturing and enlightening at many times.

Thank you for creating this community and sharing your journey and contribution with all of us.

Alex Iglecia


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