I deliver engaging workshops, trainings, and retreats.

My presentations are dynamic, with lots of energy and interactive writing exercises, in which participants are actively testing out new techniques, finding their own voices through writing, and sharing their successes and hardships with one another and me. Participants come alive once we get started, and they say that it is absolutely wonderful to interact with others in such an energetic environment.

Keynote Topic

Is Your Content Making You Cry?
Hate blogging? Then stop! Hate creating videos? Then stop

Are you overwhelmed by all of the things you are “supposed” to do for your business—from videos, to social media, to podcasts, to workshops? What if you didn’t do anything the experts are telling you that you HAVE to do, and you could still grow a thriving business?

In Shannon’s presentation, you will discover your unique Content Personality™ and learn how you can use the content you already have to build your brand and be a thought leader in your market.

The Take-Aways:

  • Find your unique Content Personality™ type so you can create branded content that is aligned with who you are and captivates the audience seeking the solution that YOU provide.
  • Discover how Content Branding will create more time and freedom in your business, plus position you as a thought leader, without working harder.
  • Learn how to create content as a Thought Leader, so you don’t become a “content robot” and look and sound like everyone else.

Hands-On Workshop Topics

Content Marketing YOUR Way
How would your business (and life!) change if you were creating content that was completely aligned with your personality and allowed you to step out of the shadows and share your brilliance with the world? Marketing your business should be FUN, should leave you feeling empowered, and should be attracting ideal clients to you–without the energetic and emotional drain. It’s time to let go of everything you’ve ever learned about content marketing–and start doing it YOUR way!

In this workshop, Shannon will help you discover how to create custom content to market your business, sell your services, and build a stronger brand presence. You will learn about the three pillars of content marketing and how to sell anything when you create content within these three pillars.

Note: The time needed for this workshop is a minimum of two hours and can be hosted either in-person or virtually. A minimum number of 6 paid participants is required.

Emotional Branding: Infuse Your Marketing With the Power of Your Story
Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into your brand–and it is a crucial component to your content marketing strategy. When you use authentic, inspirational, and creative stories to market your products and services, you take your target audience on an emotional journey and share a unique experience with them. It’s no secret that how people feel about your brand determines whether they buy from you or not. How can your personal stories get the right clients to purchase?

In this workshop, Shannon will help you uncover and create engaging stories to use in your marketing, as well as how to position them to sell your products and services. You will learn how to take your prospective clients on a journey with you through the power of storytelling.

Note: The time needed for this workshop is a minimum of three hours and can be hosted either in-person or virtually. A minimum number of 6 paid participants is required.

Watch a segment of my Keynote at Angella Johnson’s event, Ignite.

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What are the Differences Between Workshops, Trainings, and Retreats?

  • Workshops are 2-4 hours in length and are suitable for community and women’s groups, and entrepreneurs.
  • Trainings are offered in half-day or full-day sessions, involve complete immersion into a particular topic, and are offered to groups of employees or volunteers as a form of professional development.
  • Retreats combine any of the two formats from above, but take place in a “get-away” location, affording participants the opportunity to focus completely on their writing for the duration of the retreat. Morning, afternoon, and evening writing sessions are created based on the topics of interest, and there is plenty of time allotted for individual writing. It all begins with you envisioning the perfect retreat location and theme for your organization or company!

Ideal Audience

I am comfortable working with audiences of any size, and I have worked with a variety of audiences including business owners, women and community groups, independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. In-house training, customized immersion days, and writing retreats remain some of my favorite styles for working with writers of all varieties and levels.

The Next Step

Finding out if I am available to present at your next event is simple. Please send me an email to hq [at] mshannonhernandez [dot] com with “Workshop, Training & Retreat Inquiry” in the subject line.  Within the text please provide the following details:

  • date and location of event
  • event format
  • audience profile
  • topic(s) of interest

I require a workshop, training, and retreat presentation fee and any related travel costs (airfare, hotel, mileage). I will gladly provide a current copy of my agreement and fees upon request, but please know that I only hold and guarantee requested dates once the agreement has been completed and 75% of the payment has been received.

View my Speaker Sheet by clicking on the image below.

You will find a brief bio and a description of my most requested topics. Feel free to print this sheet for your reference.

Once you’ve taken a look, get in touch, and we will start planning an awesome experience for your association, conference, or group!

It was a no-brainer to have Shannon speak at my 3-day event for entrepreneurs and wow, did she deliver value! Feedback from the event places Shannon as one of the highlights for attendees. Not only is she an amazing speaker to work with behind-the-scenes, she is committed to serving the audience with stellar content. She’s a dynamic, authentic, and inspiring speaker with solid content that empowers your audience to learn something tangible, not just be inspired for a short time.

I’ve also hosted Shannon on virtual talks for my community and the energy, passion, and value she brings in person also transfers beautifully online.

If you are looking for a no-fluff, authentic, value-driven speaker who over-delivers and is amazing to work with, have Shannon be a part of your event. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have Shannon be a part of my events. My audience loves her and so do I!

Angella Johnson

The Bed & Breakfast Association of Virginia was looking for a new speaker in our industry who could help small business owners understand the importance of blogging in their overall marketing strategy. Shannon came to the conference early, spent time with our B&B owners and really took the time to understand their unique struggles, wants, and needs. So, when it was time to present, our Innkeepers trusted her. We knew that Shannon would be a great presenter, but we were blown away when she spoke the “innkeeper” talk during her presentation! Shannon takes the time to learn what attendees want and need, and she is a huge “value add” to any conference.

Amy Hager

It was simply fabulous having M. Shannon Hernandez as a guest speaker for the NYC Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association. The content she provided was invaluable and she thoughtfully engaged members and guests throughout her presentation. We walked away with more aha moments than I can count on my hands – lessons we could immediately implement to increase visibility of our businesses, our chapter, or of other things that are important to us. Also a bonus for us – she provided impeccable copy to promote the event. We can’t wait to have her back.

Kristina Phillips

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