When you create a Signature Method that gets your clients OUTSTANDING results, happy clients and lots of referrals become the norm!

If you are a coach/consultant who has an offer that gets clients results…

  • …an offer you know transforms the lives of your future clients…
  • …an offer you want to shout about from the rooftops…
  • …an offer you would like to sell more of…

It’s time to develop your Signature Method – so that you SIMPLIFY everything in your business.

Your Signature Method (aka your special process/methodology/framework you use with clients), can be used in the following ways:

  • To lead retreats
  • To lead group programs
  • To lead 1:1 programs
  • To lead workshops and trainings (paid or free – you pull one part out to teach and “wet the whistle” to enroll in your bigger programs)
  • To lead intensives/VIP Days

“I wish I had found you first.”

We hear this at least a few times a month from coaches and consultants who are frustrated by the slow growth of their businesses.

They made BIG investments in programs or 1:1 coaching, with the impression that they would be receiving the personalized help they need.

But, what they often got instead were empty promises, shoddy instruction, strategies that weren’t at all joyful to implement, and coaches/mentors who were not available for customized feedback.


We want to help you skip the part where you lose your money, lose your confidence, and lose precious time working with the wrong coach on the wrong things.

We’ve spent the last 10 years teaching coaches and consultants just like you how to design your Signature Method, complete with magnetic messaging and aligned marketing, so you can organically grow your community, your client base, and your revenue.

M. Shannon Hernandez

Hi, I’m Shannon.

I have over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design, working with both the NFL & U.S. Military, and I’m a master trainer and teacher. I’m specifically known around the globe for helping coaches and consultants create magnetic messaging that does the heavy lifting of marketing and selling!

You most likely have reached the point in your business where you know that in order to serve more clients, and still help them get fantastic results, something has got to change.

But what?

A Signature Method Simplifies EVERYTHING.

Do you find yourself asking these types of questions…

  • How can I take on more paying clients?
  • How can I get more time back in my schedule?
  • How can I get known for ONE THING that people rave about?
  • How can I increase results for my clients?
  • How can I have an inbox full of referrals from past clients?
  • How can I increase my monthly revenue, without increasing the workload?

This is the power (aka leverage) of developing your Signature Method.

Coaches and consultants who are converting clients are doing it because of ONE THING:
They’ve simplified their offers into a Signature Method.

A Signature Method helps you stand out, in the BEST of ways, because you will be known for a methodology that has a reputation of its own.

In this hands-on program, we are going to help you design your Signature Method so you can help more clients – and streamline your entire business.

Inside the Signature Method Program, you will discover…

  1. Your Signature Method acronym and a defined step-by-step process of how you work with clients regardless of the setting (group, 1:1, retreat, lead gen workshop). These two components make your Signature Method unforgettable.
  2. Your overall Signature Method goals and objectives. What do you want each client to be able to know/do/have after working with you?
  3. Your Signature Method title and subtitle. Magnetic Messaging is key for attracting more of your ideal clients and giving the Signature Method a reputation of its own!
  4. Your Signature Method success path. A well-developed Signature Method includes a success path that clients follow–including an overarching Transformation Statement that shows them their starting and ending point.
  5. Your Signature Method curriculum. We will help you think more deeply about your curriculum, so that you design and lead life-changing experiences for your clients.

Spoiler: We do this with simplicity and ease!

What makes the Signature Method Program so different?

In this program, we help you tap into YOUR genius and create a versatile, transformational Signature Method to use in your programs, workshops, lead gen, and/or retreats.

– And –

Inside the Signature Method Program, you will discover how to design a life-changing curriculum, so that each and every client you encounter receives an unforgettable experience.

Signature Method Program Investment

We love giving you options!
There are two options/levels of investment for this program.

Please note:

Online Class Dates are September 13, 15, 20, 22, 29 and October 11. Class meets from 12-1p ET.
The VIP Vacation Dates are October 20-23, 2022 in NJ. You can read about the full VIP Vacation Experience here.
M. Shannon Hernandez

Meet Your Hosts

M. Shannon Hernandez and Amy Hager are ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz—and this duo is specifically known around the globe for their joyful business growth strategies, including the Content Personality™ Wheel and the E.X.P.A.N.D. method. They work with online coaches and consultants teaching them how to grow their business for GOOD, resulting in more joy, more time-off, and more profits with purpose.

Shannon is the founder of Joyful Business Revolution™ and a sought after expert in the world of online business strategy, and she has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design, working with both the NFL & U.S. Military, and she is a master trainer and teacher. Amy, a true marketer and community builder at heart, helps clients apply simple strategies for increased revenue and productivity. When this dynamic duo is not working with their clients, you will find them funding projects that impact the world and its people, visiting wineries, and traveling the world.