Ever feel like your business might just need an energy shift? Like things are “okay”, and you are making money, but something just doesn’t feel sparkly and shiny and well…exciting anymore?


If so, you are not alone. 


I go through these periods in my biz about every 6 months. I’ve learned that this is just part of business and evolution. I’ve learned not to judge it. I’ve learned how to pivot back to more joy.


Meet Marge. I’ve been experimenting with watercolor backgrounds and fun character drawings painted atop. Marge came to me last week, as I was thinking about some shifting energy and changes I wanted to make in my business model. So, I sat down and drew her.



Notice, Marge is super savvy and smart. She’s got it together! She’s stylish and knows about great hairdos. The background of her life is colorful and varied. Yet, that face! She is not feeling the energy of her business and wants to turn that frown upside down. 


If you are feeling like Marge, simple tweaks can totally change things rather quickly. I’ll be talking about those business tweaks and energetic shifts in in my Facebook group.


Join us on Tuesdays for a special training in our Facebook Group. We go live at 3P ET to discuss and teach around specific topics like Building a Strategic Team for Revenue Growth.


The truth is, many coaches and consultants mistakenly see building a team as an expense; however, it might just be the best investment you could make! It will shift your revenue, it will shift your workload, and it will shift your energy! 


Also, I wanted to provide you some powerful journal questions I turn to when it’s time for me to shift the energy in my business. Journaling is one of the best tools I have, and teach, for clarity and reducing anxiety, as a CEO. 


I’m encouraging you to set aside time to have a coffee date with yourself and let’s see what emerges! As always, the discussion of these questions will take place in my Facebook group, so please join us there


Journal Questions:

  1. Why do I want to continue building this coaching and consulting business? Like, really, WHY?
  2. What do I love about supporting others? What aspects do I not enjoy? 
  3. Who can support me on this journey, to make it more joyful and easeful?
  4. Where are my ideal clients and what do they need most from me?
  5. When is my energy at its highest and what activities actually energize me? What activities drain me?
  6. How can I rethink my current business model to encompass all these aspects, so the best of me is showing up, fully? 


Here’s to shifting energy in your business to MORE joy and MORE ease. (And please know that this is a continual, conscious process.)