The fear was high the day my online watercolor teacher told us we were “to the people part” of the class. Oy. My heart sank a little…and that voice of negativity shouted: You can’t even draw stick people! How do you plan on painting a mother and child? 


We started by making 8 hash marks on the left edge of our paper. My teacher said, “This will serve as the scale. You want the mom to be the full 8 and her daughter to be 4.” 


I took a deep breath and repeated: I can do this! I can do this! I am safe



A few dots of paint here, a few defining lines there, and magically, within 75 minutes, a beautiful picture of a mother and her daughter, strolling through a rose garden emerged. I couldn’t believe it! 


This is one of the paintings I am most proud of, because it taught me that in the right environment, and with the right tools, and with the right teacher/guide, I can flourish, like a rose in a garden. 


This is what your peeps want from you when you put together experiences, virtually. They want deep connection (to you and one another), they want moments to savor, and they want to feel like something magical has happened. 


As we continue to take more and more of our business online, due to the current circumstances, one of the things I get asked over and over again is this: How can I create intimate, transformational experiences for my students and clients? 


To achieve this, there are a few key ingredients to keep in mind:

  1. Setting the Stage/environment. (May seem hard if everyone is in their own homes, right? Nope! I have great tips for this–even when you and your peeps are gathering from all over the world!)
  2. Setting the Tone. (How you prep people BEFORE they even arrive is key here, as well as the first few minutes of your event opening.)
  3. Creating a Safe/Sacred Space for Growth and Transformation. 
  4. Learning Activities that are engaging and meaningful.
  5. Story Sharing throughout the event. (This is what forms deep, lasting connections.) 
  6. Closing Ceremony 


Just as the picture above tells a story, so does each event you host, whether online or in-person. 


Would you like to learn how to create transformational, memorable online events for your students and clients? Events that people rave about and refer to others? 


Thoughtful events change people’s lives. 


Just as this mother and daughter will always remember their time in the rose garden, and I will always remember the day I learned to paint people, your clients will always remember the events you host–when thought and care go into it, from Setting the Stage until the Closing Ceremony. 


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