Raving Clients

“When I contacted The Joyful Business Revolution, I was looking for clarity around messaging and how to weave this message through my entire business. I wanted a mentor who could help me simplify my business and needed someone from the outside to take a look at what was going on within the business. As a result of our work together, I have so much more ease and confidence in my messaging—and I stopped being a squirrel and instead embraced laser focus. What I loved about working with Amy is we didn’t waste time on parts of my business that were working — instead we focused on improving and strengthening the parts that needed enhancing. If you are looking for a mentor that will get down to business with you, waste zero time, and give you specific, actionable homework that isn’t overwhelming, reach out to this team. They have an ability to simplify it all and help you get it implemented ASAP!”
Diana Lidstone

Business Coach

“Before joining The Joyful CEO™ Program, I felt like my business was something I was playing or experimenting with. The mastermind sessions in this program are fantastic, because I got to interact with other business owners who could relate to what I was going through behind the scenes in my own business. The clarity that Shannon brings into this program is unparalleled. I have clearly defined my role as CEO, I have gained confidence in what I am selling and who I am selling it to, and my clients are getting all the results I knew were possible for them! I’m most proud of my Lead Gen workshops! Focusing on the workshops at the front end of my funnel has shifted everything in my business model. Shannon helped me understand that my best sales tool is by demonstrating and allowing others to experience my work. People are begging for the replays AND sending in their visual communication from the workshops to my email–and posting on social media. I am forever grateful for this program and the love and care I received while here!”
Stacy Christopher

Visual Communication Coach

“In the past 12 months, with Shannon’s help in The Joyful CEO Program, I’ve increased my revenue by 170%. I am way more calm because I have so much more clarity and direction. I have such a willingness for this business to grow even more – now that I know it doesn’t have to be a beast and own me.  Working with Shannon on the business structure and having her help with team onboarding was invaluable. We also spent much-needed time getting clarity on the messaging (for the insurance side) which increased the leads and quality of leads. Above all, we learned we can grow without the stress! This is huge!”

Joan Van De Griek

The Wealth Bulldog

“When I joined The Joyful CEO Mastermind Program, I knew that I needed help with selling my existing programs. I felt like the success I was having was not sustainable, because I really didn’t have a good systems in place. But what I learned while in this amazing program helped me revamp my entire business into something that brings me joy and feels more aligned than I could ever have imagined. Not only did Shannon help me discover where and how to bring joy into my business, but workshopping questions with the other incredibly talented and amazing women in the program really helped too. I’ve made lifelong friendships and business relationships thanks to this program.I called myself a CEO before joining this program but now I *am* a CEO. I understand how to run my business and how to do it through a lens of joy. If you’re ready to take your business and your life to a place of happiness and alignment, run, don’t walk to get yourself a spot here.”

Melanie Herschorn

VIP Digital Content

“As a result of working with Shannon, I (Laurie) know exactly what I want to do and exactly what I don’t want to do. I’m really clear where my JOY is – I am now spending time in my joy zone and delegating the rest. I also made a $100k offer to someone and it’s turning into a co-created $500k offer. I (Michael) have grown in clarity on what I am offering and who I am working with in the brand. I’m supporting Laurie in the podcast, and the editing pieces, and other things that help me stay “above my joy line”. I’m excited about converting the men’s program to an app and running the program through the app, so I can reach more people this way, and this allows me to travel more. Up next on my travel list: Russia, Ireland, Cyprus, Ecuador. Working with Shannon has been invaluable to the success of this brand and our future.” 

Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson

Sex & Happiness

“I was inspired by Shannon’s statement in a one-hour training where she said that our mailing list is our most important asset. So true! I decided in that moment to take back my list, transition out of having a team member communicate to my list and to do it myself. From there, I realized that I needed to anchor into new communication strategies that would match the sophistication of my products and brand, while giving my authentic voice the chance to shine. I wanted to look at my programs and courses and figure out the right approach to my marketing that would generate new clients. Shannon is a true pleasure to work with: Clear, insightful thinking, a strategic approach, and tactical suggestions. Nothing pie in the sky, nothing that reeks of formulaic nonsense. We unpacked a strategy that reflects my brand, what I want to do with my business, and how I want to be seen and heard by my clients and practitioners. Since working with Shannon I’ve seen a significant uptick in practitioners joining my program, I’ve seen more people signing up for my courses, and I’m interacting in powerful ways with my list. It’s lovely! When you work with Shannon, be prepared to enjoy marketing. Be prepared to find your best approach to connecting with your potential clients. Be prepared to nurture your leads to closure. You’ll also let go of old stories of how marketing is supposed to be. Shannon will help you land in what’s true and right for you. It’ll be a winning “formula”.

Jill Leigh

Energy Healing Institute

“Choosing to be a part of Next Level CEO was truly life changing. As the CEO of my business I knew that I was ready to move my business forward and to the Next Level, and I knew Shannon was the person to get me there. Working with this incredible group of CEO’s, all from different walks of life was invaluable. Every person in our group genuinely wanted to see my next level dreams come to fruition. The conversations we had, sitting around a beautiful table, with delectable meals, only enhanced this overall experience. I left my week with Shannon with a clear plan, so many answers to questions I didn’t even realize I had, and an exciting and energized focus on my next steps. I would invest in this unique event over and over again!”


“When I reached out to Shannon, I was looking to build out a scaling strategy that aligned with what I naturally do well and what my high level mission is. I was stuck in the minutia of what structures would drain my time and resources, versus what would source and fulfill me. In our work together, Shannon specifically helped me with three valuable aspects of my business: 1) A scalable model for group coaching that allows me to extend my reach and impact, 2) Facebook Community Strategies, and 3) A valuable and exciting clarity tool to attract new clients. As a result of working with Shannon, I have a crystal clear direction for what’s next in my business, from using small group structure and and 1:1 clients to scaling my impact. If you are thinking about hiring Shannon for your business growth needs, know that she is brilliant at identifying your authentic, real, heart-felt way of building a pipeline of ideal clients. Shannon will also help you identify and implement simple and straightforward ways to build out revenue, while having the relationships and impact you desire.”
Lisa Pachence

“We have just spent the last year creating an online program and found Shannon in her Facebook Group. Her method of hosting educational workshops appealed to me. We decided we wanted to try out this workshop model for ourselves, and so we set up a call with Shannon immediately. Through our work together in The Joyful CEO Program, Shannon has helped us find our niche, tell our story, create a clear message, and built our confidence beyond belief! She has been our cheerleader, our kick in the butt”er”, our shoulder to cry on and is our true friend. We have made more money in Q1 of this year than ALL of last year—and we owe it all to Shannon and her team. We have formed such great relationships with the other student and have made lifelong friends! We are now lifelong members of Shannon’s tribe, and we could not be more grateful to Shannon and what she has helped us do. If you are a coach or consultant sitting on the fence and stalking Shannon, jump in! You will NOT regret it. Shannon cares about your success and strives with her whole heart to give you what you need to soar.”
Pam Mills & Amy Civica

“Shannon is, in one word, brilliant. Want more words? Generous, fun, authentic, direct, approachable, smart, and oh yeah JOYFUL! This woman walks her walk and talks her talk. She is all about providing value. She helps you cut through the bullshit so that “selling” becomes something you honestly look forward to! I can’t imagine my business being where it is at today without Shannon and her team. I have peace of mind. I am taking the actions that make sense for my business. AND I have more JOY and more TIME in my life!! Hire her now!”
Jen Coken

“We have one of the top hypnosis training programs in the world, and our grads become successful hypnotists – yet our marketing wasn’t capturing the essence of our training. We were following standard marketing techniques which were working -yet there wasn’t much joy in the process and I continued to look to hire folks to help me with this part of the business because it didn’t feel fun or enjoyable. When I reached out to Shannon, I was looking for a joyful way to bring in new students, and I wanted every part of my business to be in flow. Shannon teaches practical, easily implementable solutions. Within a week we had a new plan that was working, and it was fun and easy to incorporate because it was something we were already doing yet didn’t realize we could do that for marketing! Shannon finds the gold in your business!  Along the way, I was learning the simplicity of her joyful marketing message – so not only were we bringing in more students that were a great fit for our program, but me and my team were learning how to standardize this style of messaging and  using it throughout the rest of our business as well. Shannon was able to see the business at a much higher level, and from her vast experience we implemented two fairly easy changes that resulted in doubling our sales that quarter. The ease of marketing was fantastic of course, but working with Shannon is also a joy. The process itself is fun – which means more love and energy are embedded into how you reach clients, which results in clients who already love you and your business. I hiighly recommend working with Shannon–she will notice things in your business and marketing that you’re likely not aware of yet. She has super vision with a heart for truly helping others. She’s not about gimmicks or the latest trends, and working with Shannon means you love your clients and you want the best for them. Shannon will bring that out in you, your team, and your business, and you will likely 10x your investment with her!”
Erika Flint

Cascade Hypnosis Center

“In just a few hours, Shannon turned my expertise, ideas and goals to launch my first group coaching program into reality.  Together we designed a group program series to profit and scale. I left our 1/2 day session feeling confident and armed with a full plan of attack. The program launched and SOLD OUT without a hitch!  I even ran the program twice after my initial launch with minor enhancements. Shannon brought her zone genius that made the process dynamic and FUN—and helped me add an extra $27k to my business.”
Roxana McKinney

Women, Wealth, and Worth

“When I reached out to Shannon, I as looking to increase my clients in my business. Shannon provided me clarity and non-judgement. We completely rebranded my business, and my business feels more aligned with who I am and what I offer. We figured out what wasn’t working and changed it. I’ve also made connections and had more ideas about how to grow my business both on and off of Facebook. I’ve also narrowed down what I need to do to connect with my clients, instead of throwing spaghetti on a wall to see what sticks! If you are thinking about working with Shannon, DO IT. She is a master at helping you gain clarity and confidence. She’s all about trying new things when the old ones aren’t working and helps you discover what is blocking you and move past them. She asks amazing questions that get you thinking about your business and what you’re doing in a new way.”
Cheryl Nunez

Home Healer

“Any email or social media marketing piece I’ve seen from Shannon makes me smile, happy, wonder, and be green with envy (the good kind). I absolutely love how she communicates with her people, and I want to show up for my people in the same way.  

I have worked with Shannon in different ways and each time I got massive value, great direction (and redirection). If you know how to take action and are open to trying out new things you’ll LOVE working with Shannon. She’s high-energy, high-impact, and super effective in her advice and teachings.  Each time I’ve had contact with her, or with her sidekick, Amy I’ve had a big breakthrough in my marketing approach and in my business.

If you want to sell with joy and ease, and without “selling”, you’d be crazy NOT to work with Shannon and her team.”

Nina Froriep

“My favorite thing about the Confident Expert community is that when I have a question, or I feel stuck, or I am blocked in a certain area, I can check in with that group and say, “Where am I going? What’s the direction? Am I doing something wrong?” And they will give me honest feedback, which really can help me get unstuck. I don’t find a lot of other groups will offer that kind of collaboration that we have with each other. And everybody does such a good job at keeping it very professional. It’s very high level, but really because we all embrace your values. It’s important that we really love on each other. And so it’s super cool. It’s very, very supportive, which I think we all need.”

“The cool thing about TCE is that all of us are at different phases in our business. So we can learn from people who have gone before us. We can learn from people who sometimes aren’t even up to the same speed as we are. But it’s great, because we all come together and we learn from each other. And I have to tell you, there are several times that I have taken a couple of your courses more than one time as a TCE student, and every time I get something new out of it, I get something different out of it. It’s either that the content has been refreshed, because you are great about doing that, refreshing content as we evolve. But also, sometimes I’ve got to hear it a couple times before it really sinks in. And so I love that the content and the learning is constantly evolving.”

“I would say quit messing around with those other programs and that free stuff, and just take your business seriously and invest in your business. The money that you spend, you’re going to make back tenfold. So you need to get past that mindset for the first thing. But when you get off the fence and you invest in your own business, it opens up the doors for everything. You’re going to get more clients, better clients, people who want to pay you for your services. It’s just, energetically, the best thing you could do, because my business totally changed once I got on board and got serious with this. And I saw it shift again, too.“

Susie Schaefer

Finish The Book Publishing

“What I would tell my best friend is that if you’re looking for an extremely high touch experience. Shannon is not just the only coach in the program, there are other team members who have an expertise. I think we have a call or the availability of a call every week. You don’t always have to get on all the calls. They help you along the way as a community. I’ve been in expensive masterminds and no one is extremely high touch and invested in you.”

The other part of it is that you’re not just getting training, it’s not another one of those things was like, “Oh, do the training. You go on the coaching call and ask about the training.” It’s also developing you as a CEO, as a leader in that way because we talk about building a team. So it’s not just scaling by you doing more and more and more just automating. I think if you really also want to learn how do I actually maintain a human connection in my work? How do I build relationships? How do I show up in a way that engages and connects and is relatable? There’s no other program that really does that and it really sets you up for sustainability.”

“Shannon is a trusted advisor, as well as the other team members. I’m a strong, really independent person and sometimes we need a strong, independent person to help us get in check. And we only respect other strong, independent people, so Shannon is that. If you really know that you’re looking for an advisor, someone that can kick your butt when you need it and hold you accountable as well as a whole community that does that then I definitely say that’s another reason why you want to come into the Confident Expert Program.”

Quanisha Green

Black Woman CEO

“When I reached out to Shannon for marketing help, I wanted help getting my thoughts clear around my men’s Emotional Intelligence program, tapping into both her brilliant marketing talents, as well as her understanding of how to generate sales–joyfulllly. On top of that, Shannon also understands how to develop curriculum, and I needed a talented professional to help me formulate my ideas around that, as well. Shannon’s clarity, intuition and creativity helped bring out my best ideas, while also helping me motor through some blocks that came up along the way. During our time together, I have filled my two group programs, and also have greater confidence selling on camera. Shannon knows her stuff! She is brilliant, joyful and a pleasure to work with. Every session leads me to greater clarity and action. She is generous with her knowledge and insights, and she cares deeply about helping her clients shine!”
Alan Cohen

Executive Coach

“When I reached out to Shannon, I was looking for help in marketing a new program I was launching. It was important to me to have a coach/consultant that had done what I was looking to accomplish and had done it very successfully. I knew that I could eventually figure it out on my own, but didn’t want to make all the common mistakes. Hiring Shannon helped me eliminate the rookie mistakes and dive right in. Shannon was an amazing sounding board for my ideas and a safe place to explore my craft. She helped me see other options and gave me the permission I needed to be true to my own voice. I also learned marketing and selling skills that I needed in my tool belt to be better at sharing with the world my genius. The results I’ve had with Shannon have been innumerable. In such a short time, I was able to develop a program for my clients, price it for a profit, and market it joyfully. I’ve also learned how to hone my writing skills for marketing content and create a bio that actually says what I want it to say. What I didn’t expect was the personal growth that also came from working with Shannon. I was given an opportunity to meet some of the most amazing humans on the face of the planet as a result of working with Shannon. M. Shannon Hernandez is a leader of leaders. She will hold space for you, let you explore and cheer you on as you go. She will also hold your feet to the fire when needed, to help you stay on course. The biggest thing I would say is that Shannon always comes from a place of love; no matter what. Her commitment to helping you find your path and doing it joyfully is remarkable.”
Jenny Mercer


“I was extremely lost in my business and had no idea where I wanted to go with it. There were so many ambitions I had, but I had no idea where to start or how to implement it. Not only did Shannon support me to find clarity by creating a roadmap, but she also helped me set my own goals even higher. In our short time working together, I was able to recreate my ideal client profile, raise my prices by 4x, design and start a group program, run 2 workshops, and become a leader in my own community. Now that I have a game plan and don’t need to spend time figuring everything out, I can accomplish more in much less time. So thankful for Shannon and her guidance. If you’re looking for someone to support you on your marketing in a way that’s authentic, joyful, and effective, then you’re in the right place.”
Tou Ger Digit Lee

Transformational Coach

“Working with Shannon is life changing. I decided to hire Shannon because I wanted help marketing my CEO coaching services. She will drastically shift your perception, and set you up for growth, success, and money–and you will still have a life filled with joy and play. The work that you do with Shannon will help you authentically connect with your ideal clients: I made my money back within 1 month, and I expect to 10x that investment in the next quarter. If you are looking for business and marketing strategy that gets results, enroll in one of Shannon’s programs. You will leave each session with incredible value. And you will make your money back multiple times over and be well-positioned for further growth.”
Helena Fogarty

Force of Nature CEO

“When I reached out to Shannon, I had a good idea of what I wanted in my business, but I had no strategy. I didn’t even know where to start. During my VIP Day, she helped me pinpoint the products and services I love to deliver and get extremely focused on those things only. Together, we built a marketing roadmap, and I now have clear goals and direction. I have fallen in love with my biz all over again. Shannon is an intuitive strategist who really listens to her clients. She can spot the gems in your business and help you separate them from the clutter. Ultimately, you will emerge with a plan that is as unique and genuine as you are.”
Diana Diaz

“When I found Shannon, I was looking for help and guidance in my marketing. I had no idea how to best utilize social media or market my coaching business. Shannon and I worked together across several months. The Joy| Money Matrix™ Intensive was HUGE for me! Shannon is a Rockstar when it comes to making sure we create businesses that bring us joy. Also, Shannon helped me dive deeper inside myself to find what aligns with me, and to realize my value! She challenged my thinking process and called BS when the situation was needed. But what I valued above and beyond everything stated above was how I felt much more than just a client to her. She truly loved me and wanted me to succeed. (I gained way more than a marketing consultant, I gained a lifelong friend and mentor.) Because Shannon kept pushing me to gain clarity and step into my true potential, I continued to dig deeper within and to embrace and OWN the power she saw in me. Even after our consulting ended, I can still hear her voice guiding me to be the power house coach that offers a ton of value to my clients, and encompasses joy while doing it. Shannon will blow you away with her compassion, yet tough love. I believe she is at the cutting edge to newer and better ways of helping entrepreneurs approach their lives and businesses from a place of true joy. She is the real deal and you will get way more than you can even imagine for your investment.”
Chris Stoner

When I reached out to M. Shannon Hernandez, I was seeking a consultant who could help me re-build my business from a glorified, expensive hobby into a simple, yet solid plan to make more money and bring more joy into my life. Shannon’s honesty was so valuable to me. She listened to my concerns and came up with solutions when I wasn’t sure which direction to take. Her gentle yet direct approach encouraged me to, as she calls it, “take the next step”. (It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we look at the big picture of what we want our businesses to look like. Shannon understands this and offers bite-sized, actionable steps to take, which are terrific when you’re feeling stuck.) Working with Shannon in her program helped me understand the inner workings of business finances (how much to set aside for taxes, operating expenses, and, best of all, paying myself). Numbers have always made me nervous, but Shannon helped me dive into why I wasn’t profitable and how we could change that. As a result of our work together, I have more confidence in my offers and prices. Shannon had great ideas to integrate things I love to do into my packages, and suggested eliminating things that were not “in my zone of genius”. I feel better saying no to potential clients who are not aligned with what I can provide, rather than scrambling to fit a square peg into a round hole, as many of us do in business. If you are looking for a marketing strategist, know this: Shannon doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but instead tells you what you need to hear. She won’t try and sell you something you don’t need. She’s passionate about helping people joyfully market their offers in a way that feels true to who they are. And, she dives into worth and mindset, two components that are missing from other marketing programs. Like a true friend, she’s honest about what’s working and what isn’t in your business. When you’re ready to integrate joy into your sales and marketing strategy, she’s ready for you.”
Christina Lawrence-Edlund

“I joined the Joy|Money Matrix + Marketing Alignment Intensive because I felt lost; I didn’t know what my next step was; I felt empty and numb; deep down, I felt like I was meant to do so much more in my life, my purpose. I knew I could not continue on my current path because I had no vision of a future; it lacked promise, hope and life; there was no joy; it was blank. Some people are lucky enough to find their right path. With the help of Shannon and this Intensive, I, too, am now one of the lucky ones. The three days dug deep and I discovered what made me happy and what didn’t, what needed to change, what brought light back into my life as well as my business. This Intensive with Shannon was a crucial next step I needed to make me feel whole again and I am ever so grateful. Thank You Shannon!”
Lynn Nagora

“Working with Shannon in the Joy Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment Intensive allowed me a safe space to look at really what me and my business truly wanted to do and create. Then, applying my Thought Leader vision, purpose and mission to what would really bring me joy gave me the alignment I have never experience in my business in 15 years. I felt so much lighter, knowing I was able to acknowledge that I actually could only focus on the things that bring me joy! I also know now how to structure my offers to make money! I will use this tool often to help process changes and to keep in alignment with what brings me joy as I shift, my business shifts, and the money flows.”
Elizabeth M. Erbrecht

“Understanding both my Content Personality™ and my marketing style has helped me choose how I market my coaching services. Shannon has a deep understanding of what it takes to create content for marketing that feels aligned with who you are and the kinds of clients you wish to work with. She has great tools and processes that work: With the help of her tools, processes and inspiring guidance I have been able to create more balance and ease in my life and work, and enjoy creating the right kind of content for me and my brand. I now have the structures and strategies for my content marketing for the next year, and I feel inspired to create content – whereas before I dreaded the marketing piece as it felt overwhelming.”
Martina Meyer

“I was excited to attend the Growth, Marketing Alignment, and Pipelines Retreat with Shannon so I could learn and understand what marketing alignment and pipelines were–and how to implement them into my business to fuel its growth. Shannon’s excitement and passion for this topic were contagious, jazzing us all up to put this information into action. Shannon was very instrumental in guiding each of us to create a smooth-flowing pipeline specific to our individual offers and marketing styles. I had never given much thought to the importance of having a structured system that would help me put content into the world to gain more business and clients. Even though I put information “out there”, I missed many steps! (In hindsight, if I had put a proper pipeline together I would have seen more results from my marketing efforts.) If you get a chance to work with Shannon, know that she is great at helping you understand that in order to grow your business, there must be systems in place and structures behind what you are doing in your marketing. Shannon has the vision, the wisdom, and the passion to help you to gain the knowledge and confidence to propel you forward in your business.”
Sharon Egan

“I am still amazed by everything I’ve brought into my business, with Shannon’s guidance. It was because of our work together that I learned about accountability and putting things in motion now—and getting rid of my excuses. There were so many things I loved about working with Shannon. She is a person with compassion and answers, and it was comforting to know that you were in my corner and had my back. Shannon was enthusiastically encouraging—yet “pushy” enough to encourage me to take a leap. The best part is that when working with Shannon on content and marketing, I never had to leap on my own.”
Nancy Skee

When I enrolled in The Joyful CEO™ Program, I was looking for how to operate more profitably in my business.

The small group mastermind sessions were exciting and brought a fresh perspective with a feeling of a very elite, exclusive space and environment. They were inviting, supportive, and highly focused on the participants, giving us key takeaways each and every meeting, so that we felt like we received immense value and clarity when gathering together.

I loved that we infused a little bit of humor, tough-love, and lots of personal insight from our unique business backgrounds and personalities. This group truly felt like “us” together working to level-up not only ourselves, but each other! 

One of the biggest results from being in The Joyful CEO™ Program has been a total transformation: I have cut my work time each month to just 10 days (a huge contrast from 60+ hour weeks) while still maintaining the impact I am making. I created a tremendously profitable and joyful VIP Day offering, and I fired the clients and programs that no longer served me. 

Most importantly, I learned how to confidently say, “NO” to anything that didn’t fulfill my joy-meter or my bank account- something I highly recommend to each and every woman CEO who wants to be a joyful leader and build the brand and life they desire!

Dana Magnus

CEO at MKTG Brand

“The Joyful CEO Program helped us change the format of our business and our growth during this time showed us what was possible for the future. We learned how to be open every day (instead of launch) and create a business structure that is made up of groups–and this is one of my favorite things to lead now! We understood the role of CEO and how to fulfill that role and build our team to support the CEO. We learned where we were bottlenecking the business and we fixed these bottlenecks! We clarified our customer and launched group programs. Our website redesign is underway. Group programs and recurring revenue make sense to us now. We now have a legit pipeline for sales and a process for selling that works for us. We have sales calls every week now!”

Steven Stokes & Shoshanna French

Simple Spirit

“When I reached out to Shannon and Amy for help, I was seeking direction and clarity. I had long suspected that my writing business would be difficult to scale, so I was interested in exploring that option, or others. I wanted their help because I know the magic that happens when you put passionate, driven, creative, intelligent, joyous brains together! I wanted someone who had ‘been there, done that’ to help me process all that was swirling around in my head. As a result of working with this team, I got my creative juices flowing and had a new idea of what my next business model could look like. Amy, who worked closely with me, provided regular, consistent communication, as well as a calming and peaceful energy during this chaotic time. Amy is a wonderfully centered and grounding energy that can be so valuable during seasons of life/business that feel NOT centered and grounded. She genuinely cares about the people she’s working with and the sincerity behind her emotions shines through. There’s something about being GENUINELY seen and heard and valued during times of change/transition/uncertainty that truly elevate the experience. (This is a key piece that I wasn’t even aware of during my initial search and interview process for a mentor, but will definitely prioritize when evaluating future partnerships.)”

Erin Knox Thomas

“The Next Level CEO program offered me a chance to step out of my business and ensure I was moving aligned with my vision.  

The opportunity to mastermind with other like-minded entrepreneurs allowed me to receive a diverse range of insight (and share my insight) to solutions that I never would have considered on my own.

I am incredibly grateful for the new friendships formed, unique business ideas received and a newfound vision for my business!”


“Next Level CEO was a lovely, intimate gathering of business women on the cusp of new expansions in their businesses. The variety of venues and unique discussion prompts meant the connections and creative ideas went far beyond masterminding-as-usual. The net-walking around NYC provided a relaxed environment to get to know each other beyond business, as well as a somatic integration process for the new ideas we were receiving. It was interesting how “next level” really didn’t mean “bigger empire.” Even the participants with large revenue streams were looking for fresh ideas to make things easier and have more free time and fun.”

“I partnered with Shannon because I needed more targeted messaging and copy to help me express what I do in plain and simple language for my marketing and website copy. Shannon and I worked together to discover the right words for attracting my ideal clients, to determine an approach to joyful content marketing, and to inspire me to “just get going”. As a result of working with Shannon, I now have updated website copy, a content marketing plan, and revised qualification questions for prospects/sales calls. All of this has lead to targeting my clients with messaging that converts leads to clients! Shannon is a great listener, and she understands the value of customized collateral. We did the work together, which I valued so much (and meant I didn’t have to struggle with templates or trying to figure out what step to take next.). Shannon will put together a plan just for you and outline what needs to happen–so the plan actually gets done. It was a true pleasure to work side by side with her.”
Melissa Copeland

Blue Orbit Consulting

“Shannon completely changed my perspective on business, marketing, and sales. I think all too often we get caught in the idea that building a business is supposed to be hard, and it’s supposed to suck. Shannon does a brilliant job of giving you permission to ditch that Script, in favor of one that is far more powerful – building your brand and business from a place of true Joy, and what lights you up the most. I find myself now having a lot more fun in building what I’m building (with kick-ass results to boot), and I have Shannon to thank for that!”
Hayden Humphrey

“When I reached out to Shannon, I was getting ready to launch my first coaching program, and I needed guidance about how to do that: the messaging, what to charge, etc. I also was not consistent with sending my newsletter, and I needed help with building confidence in my messages around that and in building my list. Shannon is a rockstar at helping CEOs save time through ideas, inspiration and increased confidence! As a result of working with Shannon, I fully booked my very first coaching program, and I’ve continued to build it and make it better with each new cohort. I have consistently sent a newsletter each week for 6 months, I’ve grown my email list, and I’ve booked clients through the content from my newsletters. I’ve added more services to my business to provide an even better experience for my clients. I had my highest revenue producing months while working with Shannon. And most importantly, I’ve built my own confidence both as a marketer and as the CEO of my business. If you are looking for a real, authentic marketing strategy that feels good in your soul, then Shannon is the leader to hire. If you are looking to increase your confidence as a CEO, you can’t go wrong in working with Shannon!”
Karianne Munstedt

Photographer and Coach

“I wanted my business to come to life and I knew I needed expert help, so I reached out to Shannon. I also wanted to create my first group program. I always dreamed of having a group of women to work with but never got around to do it on my own. Through our work together, Shannon taught me to trust ME, my message, my work.  I am so happy you  taught me to trust my own mission. I’ve had two rounds of my group program, and I am so in love with my business! If you are thinking about working with Shannon she has a super power to help you dig deeper and bring out your truest message as a thought leader. She also has another super power to help you market your business in full alignment with your joy, your impact and your income goal. You’ll want to fall in love with your business and live every day in full joy!”
Alia Jamal

The Love Coach

“I recently made a big shift in my business and who I wanted to serve. While I was very excited about this new direction, I was also nervous and uncertain about how to talk about it to get new clients. I joined Shannon’s program because I felt stuck in how to talk about my new coaching program. Within days of our first class, I knew exactly what to say and where to say it to fill my calendar with potential leads. By the end of the program I had 3 new clients, 26 calls booked, podcast interview opportunities and some fun collaborations lined up. I got so much more than I anticipated from this program!”
Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

“When I contacted Shannon, I was looking for clarity and direction in where I was going with my online presence. What I valued most about the work we did together was the structure and the accountability along with Shannon’s willingness to meet us where we were at and then elevate the plan from there. As a result of working with Shannon, we have been able to launch our #MyPart course, create a #MyPart game called Time to Talk, and put systems in place to get shit done!! Working with Shannon has been my best coaching experience to date. I have had quite a few coaches in the past two years who didn’t deliver the way Shannon did. I love the way Shannon builds community and is super generous with her knowledge and tools. I felt when working with Shannon that she was invested in my success and that my vision mattered. To, me these are crucial qualities in a coach.”
Alison Donaghey

Domino Thinking

“My VIP Experience with Shannon was unlike any other! I was amazed by how much we accomplished in just the morning session! We mapped out my offers for 2020, laid out a high-level marketing strategy about how to sell my programs and retreat, and created content themes that supported the marketing of each offer. In the afternoon, we stepped away from the business and let the mind relax–at the spa! This VIP Experience is powerful and time well-spent. I’d highly recommend Shannon’s VIP Experience!”
Ashley Harwood

Move Over Extroverts

Joy|Money Matrix™ (JMM) certified facilitator M Shannon Hernandez is doing amazing work for and with her clients using this tool. It actually boggles my mind. Back in February I traveled to Ft. Lauderdale to experience her take on the JMM. As a leader in storytelling and Thought Leader marketing for confident experts, I knew Shannon was going to use the JMM as a framework from which to help her clients rebalance their product/service portfolios and their marketing. What I didn’t know was that she would add in another exercise on mission, vision and purpose that not only would impact her clients and but also fundamentally change the way I see my own business and my role in it.

I’ve been in business for 13 years. 13 years starting from a freelance wholesale fashion sales rep and hourly hustling to consulting and coaching and ultimately to creating models like the JMM. For years I have been a solo entrepreneur content to make my money, get paid for my time and expertise and go home. It’s a great way of life no doubt. And I knew there was more for me, I just didn’t know what it might look like. I’ve had some false starts with investors who wanted to partner to create something that would change lives and was truly scalable. But nothing ever worked out as I had imagined so I continued to work with small numbers of clients, both small business owners and execs and teams at larger companies. All the while I have been operating according to repeatable models that I have only just started documenting. Now I realize that those models are the scalable business I was trying to create years ago.

My superpower is creating a repeatable system to get results after I’ve done it intuitively over time. And Shannon’s take on my own work helped me to see that crystal clear after blindly feeling for it in the dark for nearly a decade. Thank you Shannon and your particular approach to the Joy|Money Matrix™. I love you and am honored that you include the JMM in the powerful work you do.

Lauren Fritsch

“I participated in Shannon’s Joy Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment Intensive during a three day retreat in Florida. The way Shannon guided us was brilliant. First she had us work our way through the Joy Money Matrix, which is a fun process of writing out everything we do on sticky notes and determining where on the Joy Matrix it lands. It’s more involved than what I’m describing, but essentially this is it: See all the things you are doing. Determine the level of Joy. Find the money.

After this experience, I was in the perfect spot of recognizing what brings me joy, Shannon took me through writing our Purpose, Vision and Mission. The words and feelings flowed so easily and effortlessly. And it all made perfect sense!
Since this retreat I’ve used my Purpose, Vision and Mission to help me rework my website, write out all my programs, and begin formulating my marketing from these statements. I’m more excited than ever to share my offers because I can now see how it all fits together. Everything is more integrated which makes it that much simpler to work with.”

Stephanie Steyer

“I contacted Shannon because I needed help developing a marketing strategy for my brand. During our time together, one of the things that I valued the most was her help in getting me aligned with the type of content marketing that feels good to me. The Content Personality™ Wheel was of great help. It gave me clarity on the avenues of communication that best fit my personality and strengths.

As a result of working with Shannon, I have clarity on the best forms of marketing (live and video), and I have a content marketing strategy that supports my overall visibility plan.

Shannon’s gift is helping her clients develop a content strategy with aligns with who they are in a way and that is easy. She is fun and easy to work with! She provides great value and willingly shares the knowledge she has in order to help her clients succeed.”

Patricia Alva-Craker

“Completing the Joy|Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment Intensive with Shannon illuminated 2 factors for me… bottlenecks and distractions. Through the process, I was able to clearly see when my offers weren’t aligned with my business vision. These offers were a distraction from what I wanted to create and were taking my time and energy away from my true vision. I also realized that when I spend my time on tasks that bring me little joy, I become the bottleneck in my business. I procrastinate or avoid these things and it leads to my business stagnating. Now, I’m having fun focusing on the offers and tasks that light me up, and delegating or eliminating those that don’t. The best part is this is a tool I can use over and over again to check in on my business as it grows so joy is my profitable business plan!”
Kim Restivo Lange

“Do you believe joy and money can be used in the same sentence? Well, if you don’t, you must attend Shannon’s Joy & Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment Intensive. Once you do, not only will you start thinking joy and money happily co-exist, you will be a believer. That’s exactly what happen to me.

To grow my company, She Leads Fearlessly, I was concentrating on creating programs and offerings that I thought would make my clients happy. However, once I went through the Intensive with Shannon, everything changed. I realized I was not including my needs, my joy, and what would make me happy in this equation. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I could experience joy and happiness while growing my company. What a relief it was to realize joy, money and growing a business were not mutually exclusive!

This process required me to get very clear about my vision, purpose and mission for my company. During the process, it became obvious that I was doing quite a bit I didn’t enjoy doing and I could easily stop doing those things or delegate them if I wanted to do what matters – to help create a world I want to live in with my business and offerings. All this led to getting crystal clear on the transformation I wanted my clients to experience as a result of working with me.

The Joy Money Matrix™ is now a part of my strategic business planning. I intend to use this program every quarter. This will ensure that my life and my business are aligned with my core values so that I can continue to experience joy and ease while growing a profitable business and transforming lives.”

Nukhet Hendricks, CEO, She Leads Fearlessly

“I was in total overwhelm about how to repurpose the content I already had, and I had also neglected my email list. I felt exhausted by doing what all of my mentors told me to do: “You HAVE to do video if you want to get your message out there.” With so many SHOULDS about where to post content, I was spinning in circles. The most frustrating thing was that my own marketing was suffering because of the overwhelm and confusion. The Content Personality™ Course consisted of bite-size modules that I loved. They were easy to implement and quick to learn. I got a ton of value in a short period of time, and it wasn’t overwhelming—the modules were easy to follow and take action on. I now have a clear direction for what content works best for me and the overwhelm is gone. I have more confidence to stick with the type of content that works for me and not worry about all the SHOULDS that didn’t resonate and didn’t work! Knowing your Content Personality™ is one thing, but knowing how to integrate it into your business easily and successfully is a game-changer. This is a killer course, a complete bargain, and easy to fit into your schedule.”
Angella Johnson

“Shannon recently spoke about content marketing and blogging at The Grid. We have actively been working to expand our social media and blogging outreach as business owners. Shannon gave our members concise action steps for how to start blogging, including data on the best times to post, how to formulate titles, and which keywords to use. She is an articulate speaker, well-versed in content marketing, and her presentation was extremely motivating and interesting!”
Amy Bergman Bonomi

“I signed up for the Business & Life Alignment Retreat because I was looking for clarity in how to define my business and align my core values in life with it—without losing my voice. Shannon provided a safe space to tap into our authentic selves and explore what was not working in our lives and businesses—and why. She magically did this without passing judgment, but rather helped us translate our understandings and discoveries to our lives and businesses. Since working with Shannon, I have gained clarity around what was misaligned in my business and my life. Both are now thriving! If you are looking for an experience that will change how you look at yourself and how you view your business, attend a Writing Whisperer retreat. You should also be open and ready for the challenges that arise when you take your business to the next level. And finally, know that you will walk away refreshed and energized to do anything you put your heart and mind to!”
L Tomay Douglas

“During the online course I took with Shannon, it was apparent how much enthusiasm she brings to her classes—it is infectious! She provides thoughtful and detailed feedback on the coursework, and also gives her students a mass of resources to be successful in their own writing careers. I now have a much clearer picture of what a career in copywriting looks like. If you are looking for a great course with a fun and knowledgeable instructor, take one of Shannon’s courses. The live calls are invaluable as a student!”
Becky Chapple

“Shannon helped me overcome my feeling of overwhelm when it came to blogging and developing a strategy for my two brands. She is very practical, straight to the point, and highly efficient. Because of her help, I am now able to plan my content for months in advance! I have learned so much about writing online content–and making sure it matches my brand voice and reaches my audience.”
Ilaria Cavagna

“I contacted Shannon because I needed help with organizing my thoughts and words to prepare and present a quality presentation to my audiences. Shannon gently walked me through the process of laying out an engaging, organized presentation. My events have been a huge success because of Shannon’s help and guidance. If you are stuck in getting your message across to your audience, stop trying to figure it out yourself. Maximize your strengths, but get help where you are weak. Shannon is gifted in her craft and working with her has helped me to excel in my own craft.”
Tasha Scott

“If anyone can bring out your best marketing writer, it is Shannon! I had a couple of projects that I was working on, and they needed a special marketing touch. I didn’t want them to be sales-y or smarmy. Shannon’s class taught me the psychological basis for why people buy. I was able to take this information and incorporate it into my sales pages.”
Jasmine Cianflone

“At the last retreat I attended with Shannon, I learned about refining my content to support my purpose and capture my intended audience. I also discovered how to be consistent with content through giving tons of value while building my audience. During the retreat, there wasn’t one activity that did not support the next. My favorite activity was a deep dive into the “Are You a Thought Leader” exercise. As a result of working with Shannon, I have written out my ideal client in detail—and I am meeting my ideal clients daily! I have eliminated the marketing activities that do not serve my personality, and I have refined my coaching process and schedule. If you are looking to attend a transformative experience that will change your life and your business, M. Shannon Hernandez has created a modern day Morse Code with her unique style and content—and she is guiding entrepreneurs to break that code and create Marketing Magic!”
Meshell Baker

“When I registered for Shannon’s Brand Manifesto workshop, I was looking for a different angle to approach “what I want to be known for” and “what I offer”. I needed an angle that would help focus my marketing and outreach and creation activities. Specifically, I was looking for something that would bridge the gap between everything I know and can create—with the pragmatic act of doing something that creates more business. During the workshop, the process of going through the questions to draw out what I’m offering helped me create a lot of content for my brand. The examples Shannon included as models were also helpful to see some finished possibilities. I love that Shannon brings a no-nonsense intention to supporting others because it fills me up with can-do possibilities! If you’ve been thinking about taking a program with Shannon, know that she overdelivers on her promise and will make sure you feel you got more than your money’s worth!”
Alex Iglecia

“I booked a content strategy day with Shannon, who is a professional and whose expertise in developing a content strategy is unparalleled in depth. Shannon listened to my inner needs and struggles, and then helped me shape my ideas into actionable tasks. I left the session with a custom content strategy plan for each of my business goals. If you want to establish long-term success in your business, you will benefit tremendously from one Shannon’s private sessions.”
Anna Royzman

Disclaimer: all results vary based on client’s work ethic, attitude, and business industry

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