Meet the Team

MaryJo McCann

Expert Integrator

MaryJo McCann is an Expert Integrator, who handles all of the Team Operations. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her family and friends at the beach, ride the roller coasters at Disney World and run with her dog, Elsa.

Daundra Becker

The Story Magician

Daundra uses her gift of story and mindset magic to facilitate in The Confident Expert Program were she helps students rewrite their marketing and sales stories/beliefs so they can transform their businesses from the inside out. In her free time, you’ll find this homeschool momma creating art, playing music, knitting, enjoying one of her many hobbies, and savoring each moment spent with her sexy hubby and their three little ladies.

Jordyn Leppard

Client Concierge

Jordyn Leppard is a virtual assistant, focusing mainly on client care. She’s happy to be helping you with any questions or concerns you may have about The Confident Expert Program or any other way you’d like to work with Shannon. Outside of working, she’s a married mom of 2 from Canada who loves travelling with her kids and exploring the outdoors.

Dyanne Joyner

Brand Elevation Coach

Dyanne Joyner is a Branding Strategist & Designer who handles creates all of the graphics and serves as a Facilitator and Brand Elevation Coach for The Confident Expert Program. As a curious student of life, when she’s not teaching or creating, you’ll find Dyanne immersed in personal development, learning about healthier living, or spending time with her family out in nature or playing games.

Amy Hager

Joyful Marketing Specialist

Amy Hager has been participating in the M.Shannon Hernandez Facebook community since it began. A true marketer at heart, her experiences help her relate and apply strategies across many businesses and industries.

Natalee Fox

Bucket List Chic Event and Retreat Planner

Natalee Fox is our expert Travel Consultant and Bucket List Chic! She is passionate about helping Shannon and her clients live out their Bucket List vacation dreams! Natalee takes care of every detail of our travel and event planning from beginning to end. When Natalee is not helping her clients see the world, or traveling herself, she loves to spend time with her husband and high school sweetheart and their amazing kids!

Lou Jeannot

Tech Wizard

Lou takes care of marketing automation, programming, web design & anything remotely technical; this allows Shannon to focus on doing what she does best. In his free time, he creates visual art as Low Rez Lab.

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