What if JOY was the business plan that got you the biggest results?

I am using a tool called Joy| Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment to help biz owners around the globe understand that prioritizing joy is imperative — so the money can flow. I’ve also incorporated a Thought Leader vision, mission, and purpose activity into this experience. And guess what? It has been a game changer for my students who get super-clear on their WHY.

Joy Money Matrix with M. Shannon Hernandez

When you know your WHY in your life, in your joy, in your offers, in your relationships, and in your marketing – YOU become unshakable and unstoppable.

Here’s what a recent student had to say who went through the Joy|Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment experience with me:

“Completing the Joy|Money Matrix™ with Shannon illuminated 2 factors for me… bottlenecks and distractions. Through the process, I was able to clearly see when my offers weren’t aligned with my business vision. These offers were a distraction from what I wanted to create and were taking my time and energy away from my true vision. I also realized that when I spend my time on tasks that bring me little joy, I become the bottleneck in my business. I procrastinate or avoid these things and it leads to my business stagnating. Now, I’m having fun focusing on the offers and tasks that light me up, and delegating or eliminating those that don’t. The best part is this is a tool I can use over and over again to check in on my business as it grows so joy is my profitable business plan!” ~ Kim Restivo Lange

Are you ready to make JOY your new business plan?

If this spoke to you – reach out! We might just have an opening in the next Joy|Money Matrix ™ + Marketing Intensive. If you are interested in moving from unclear messaging and invisibility to being more confident and brand messaging that captivates yourself and others, please request your Visibility Session with me now.