Create simple, effective messaging, so that you attract your ideal clients, build deep relationships, and sell your programs.

Workshop Dates: November 18, 23, and 30; 2-3:30P ET | $750

(Registration closes November 17, 5P ET)

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What the hell is “messaging” anyway?

You might be asking yourself this question. I get it!

Let’s be real, lots of “marketing people” throw this word around, with little to no explanation at all. (I’ve been guilty of doing that, too.)

Messaging is…

  • How you talk to people
  • What you email people
  • What you put on Facebook or LinkedIn or Instagram
  • How you respond to your social media network
  • How you describe your program and process
  • How you have sales calls
  • How you think about stories and marketing
  • How you pull people into your world and what is going on
  • How you coach and consult
  • What you say when you’re not saying anything at all – your silent messaging speaks volumes.


If your messaging isn’t specific and clear, conveying your value, showing that you are HUMAN, and illustrating to future customers the results you help your clients achieve, then it is not doing it’s job–and your entire business ecosystem is at risk of failing.


Messaging is THAT important, people!


“This workshop puts you in touch with the feelings of your audience. This means you can customize your messaging and remember where your ideal clients REALLY ARE and what their needs are–not where you think they are or assume they are. The selling point of any service/program is knowing where your future clients are right now. This workshop helped me figure that out!”
Elizabeth Lyons

Author and Book Coach

Magnetic Messaging Success!

Explore these testimonials from Magnetic Messaging students.

Your marketing is only as good as your messaging copy.

In fact, your messaging will do 95% of the marketing and selling for you–when it connects with your ideal clients.

This isn’t talked about too much in the online world. In fact, over the years, mentors have told me NOT to lead with “messaging”, but instead to talk more about marketing strategy. They said it was “more sexy”.

Confession time: So, I did that…I was that person talking so much about strategy and selling. And guess what happened?

Many coaches and consultants were attracted by that messaging, and when we got to work, guess what we found?

Their messaging was atrocious: It was vague, lacked any kind of emotional connection, and sounded like what every other coach was saying. No wonder they were having trouble selling their programs!

So, we joyfully dove into their messaging and created copy that started landing them clients.

Who is the Magnetic Messaging Workshop for, really?

This workshop is not for newbies.

If you are an established coach/consultant currently serving clients and have testimonials that show the results your clients receive from working with you, please keep reading.

Do any of these resonate with your soul?

  • You would love to sell more seats (or sell it out!) in your existing program (1:1 or group). A copy refresh often does this!
  • You would love to get some help from a professional copywriter and world-renowned marketing strategist (woohoo – that’s me!) to help you spice up your program (1:1 or group) messaging.
  • You would love a simple and effective way to call in the right-fit clients and illustrate the value your clients receive from working with you. We often use messaging that is not reaching the clients we want to be serving – let me help you craft copy that reaches the right peeps.

In the Magnetic Messaging Workshop:

The Short Version

  • You’ll leave with refreshed sales page copy, blog content, social media content, and email marketing content–all based on your offer/program.

The Long Version

  • I’ll guide you through the exact process and template I use to craft messaging that attracts ideal clients, builds deep relationships, and creates buyers. There will be lots of room for you to add your own personality and flair to this process (and you can reuse it for years to come!)
  • We will look at an existing page of program sales copy and craft a refreshed version of it. The more specific and personable you are in your copy, the better your program enrollments and sales will be.
  • You’ll participate in a fun activity called Sticky Note Explosion! that will teach you how to generate marketing copy for your blog, social media, sales pages, and email marketing. This means that “I don’t know what to talk about” is never an issue for you again!
  • You will create new friendships in our #JoyfulMarketing Zoom Classroom, so you have a community of collaborators to celebrate with you on your business journey.


“This workshop was amazing. Answering the messaging questions Shannon created, was super helpful as it was easy for me to outline who I wanted to work with and what results they would get from working with me. Shannon created a safe and comfortable space, so I could easily express my questions and receive kind and thoughtful feedback. I feel more confident and I’m excited to talk about my offer!”
MaryJo McCann

Online Business Manager

Workshop Structure & Flow

This ain’t your average boring messaging workshop!

Instead, think markers, sticky notes, laughter, peer collaboration, and quick implementation. 

We will also mastermind together and share ideas with one another for making your sales copy stronger. 

You will experience lots of support and a safe space to flourish. 

And you’ll leave this workshop with updated sales copy, marketing ideas, and more confidence in your messaging!  

Selling out your program starts with powerful messaging!

You do NOT need to waste any more time with messaging that isn’t landing you clients. 

Do you recall the short summer classes back in our college days? Where we got in, did the work, and got out? AHHH – so refreshing! 

I’ve modeled this workshop after that vibe.

We will meet on November 18, 23, and 30 for 90 minute workshop sessions. We’ll gather in our #JoyfulMarketing Zoom Classroom from 2-3:30p ET. I do prefer that you can join each session live, but there will be a recording of each session should you need to watch the replay. 

Registration ends on November 17 at 5P ET.

Magnetic Messaging Workshop Investment

The investment for this interactive, hands-on workshop is $750.

Sidenote: Can we be brutally honest for a moment?

You know when you come across sales copy that says “valued at” and then it is followed by some atrocious price with a red line or “x” through it? Doesn’t that just make your spidy-sense go a little whacky?

Let’s talk about REAL VALUE. Because as a business owner, YOU get to decide that. If your program is priced at $x, and you sell x seats, that’s the value you receive from enrolling in this workshop.

Think about it like this: If your program is $2000 and you sell 10 seats, the value you received on your $950 investment in this Magnetic Marketing Workshop is $20,000.

So, join us! It’s a no-brainer!

Magnetic Messaging

Create simple, effective messaging, so that you attract your ideal clients, build deep relationships, and sell your programs.

Workshop Dates: November 18, 23, and 30; 2-3:30P ET | $750


“I loved the collective, creative process that happened with the other students during the workshop. It was so juicy and valuable to my messaging work. I now have a ton more clarity about my offer and a lot more conviction in my message and story. I used the new messaging to announce a big pivot in my business on both social media and to my email list—and the response and engagement has been great.”
Dr. Minette Riordan

Creative Depth Coach


M. Shannon Hernandez is not your average entrepreneur. After a 15 year public teaching career, she jumped feet first into her journey as a business owner, and within just a few years, she had built a multi-six figure business.

A sought after expert in the world of content marketing and strategy, Shannon is known globally as the creator of the Content Personality Wheel. In 2016 Shannon founded The Confident Expert Program, where she champions and rallies coaches and consultants, teaching them how to market their businesses from a place of intuition, integrity, and JOY–and make a shit-ton of money in the process.

Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, FOX, and NBC. She is committed to ongoing philanthropic work to bring housing, fresh food and water sources, and medical care to those who do not have access. When she is not speaking and teaching globally, you will find her reading fiction, snuggling her cat, traveling the world, and hanging with the love of her life.