Live Events

We help coaches and consultants design a joyful and profitable business they love—where abundant time off is non-negotiable.

The Joy|Money Matrix + Marketing Alignment Intensive

An experience to rediscover immense joy in your business AND make more money!

The Joy Money Matrix + Marketing Alignment Intensive is an experience unlike anything typically offered in the online business world. It’s not a training, nor a workshop. It’s not coaching, nor a mastermind. Instead, think of the JMM+ Marketing Alignment Intensive as a guided consulting experience to get you back to more joy and more money in your business.

The Founders Dinner

A true community in New York City built on authenticity and deep relationships.

Networking is only one piece of the greater picture at our monthly Founders Dinner. This is an experience for people who value #RelationshipsFirst, who desire to build lasting friendships, and who want to support and lift up others. Learn more about the dinner here.

Time & Freedom LIVE!

Experience What Time And Freedom Mean To You.

This event is not about sitting in a conference room and taking notes! At this 3-day experience, you will LIVE the time and freedom lifestyle with a small group of business owners in New York City. It’s time to Profit From Your Platform.

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