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M. Shannon Hernandez


​M. Shannon Hernandez is ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz. She is specifically known around the globe for The Content Personality™ Wheel and E.X.P.A.N.D. Method™. Shannon is the founder of Joyful Business Revolution™ where she and her team work with online coaches and consultants teaching them how to grow their business for GOOD, resulting in more joy, more time-off, and more profits with purpose.

A sought after expert in the world of online business strategy, Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. She has founded The Content Personality™ Club, The Confident Expert™ Program, and The Joyful CEO™ Mastermind Program, where she and her team champion and rally coaches and consultants to grow their profits—while increasing their impact.

Shannon has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design, working with both the NFL & U.S. Military, and she is a master trainer and teacher. She is committed to ongoing philanthropic work to bring housing, fresh food and water sources, and medical care to those who do not have access. When she is not speaking and teaching globally, she's spreading joy, reading fiction, snuggling her cat, traveling the world, and hanging with the love of her life.