Imagine yourself in a wooded paradise, fireside with the most amazing group of business owners you’ve ever met! Everything around you revitalizes and expands your mind and soul. What business brilliance could you bring to life in this place of beauty, freedom, and space?

Welcome to The Joy Money Retreat– where your brilliance and vision are honored–and where you will plan your best year in business yet!

When Shannon became certified in the Joy|Money Matrix™, and saw her own business skyrocket in both revenue and joy, she knew it was time to help other coaches and consultants understand that their BEST business plan is one based on JOY.

She and Amy have led over 125 coaches through the Joy Money business planning process–and every single one of them have experienced more joy, more money, and more time off as a result of this body of work.

As experts in business growth strategy, Shannon and Amy teach coaches and consultants (and their teams) how to bring JOY and MONEY together in a way that ensures they experience better results in their businesses, including increased revenue.

And the best news? You will achieve ALL of this while staying true to what lights YOU up inside.

Imagine what it would feel like to work only with your dream clients, to work fewer hours and profit more, and always have the time to do the things you love. I’m talking about more time with your family, more travel if that’s what you desire, and always having time to spend immersed in the hobbies you love.

Are you ready to choose joy?

During our time together, you will have the luxury of creating your most aligned business growth plan to date! You’ll do this in a beautiful setting and with top-notch attention given to you and your dreams.

The Joy Money Retreat is sure to inspire and nourish you!

Each day there will be a dedicated block of time for you to emerge into your creative zone and give attention to your business growth and expansion plan.

Throughout the week, we will also gather in community to share and receive feedback. As a creative CEO, you know that being in conversation with like-minded peers helps you develop your ideas and encourages new brilliant breakthroughs!

You will also meet (1:1) during The Joy Money Retreat for a Business Expansion Session focused on your individual business needs. This session will help you think more deeply about what you are refining/creating in your business.

Join us for The Joy Money Retreat Experience!

This retreat is for the Coach/Consultant who…

  • Owns your own business as a Coach or Consultant or Strategist 
  • Is an expert at what you do, and you have specific results that speak to your brilliance
  • Is eager to expand your business vision and impact, and excited to bring your next phase of business to life
  • Ready to nourish your body and soul in a destination experience.
  • Thrilled at the idea of getting together with like-minded coaches and consultants who will support you and your growth.

What to expect from this experience:

It’s not a training, nor a workshop. It’s not coaching, nor a mastermind.

Instead, think of The Joy Money Retreat as a guided business strategy experience and deep dive for your soul. Your role throughout this experience will be to gather, collate and assess information about what’s going on related to your joy and your money, both inside your business and in your personal life.

As you do so, you will be guided through the The Joy Money process of identifying what is truly working and what is not.

From there, we will take an inventory and have a soulful discussion about your next best steps for growth–by putting your joy as THE driver in all decisions–business and life.

During our time together, you will discover what brings you immense joy, so you can:


Get clarity on your business and revenue growth plan. You will use this information as a filter for every single decision you make moving forward. You will only operate above “the joy line” after this retreat.


Determine the best way for you to share your expertise with the world, so you create messaging and marketing that positions you for your next level of success. This means working smarter, not harder.


Discover how to use your Joy Money Board as a strategic tool that combines your spirit and heart with your brain and drive, so you can make business and life decisions that are completely aligned with how you want to be spending your time. This means both financial and time freedom.

It’s time to choose joy AND money:

What’s Included:

  • 6 Days/5 Nights in an all-inclusive woodland resort (double occupancy)**
  • All meals, beverages, lodging, and activities
  • A Welcome Dinner on our first evening together. 
  • Daily Joy Money sessions and materials for those sessions
  • A 1:1 Business Expansion Session on retreat
  • A farewell Celebration Dinner on our last evening together. 
  • Lots and lots of free time and rest. This is a retreat after all! 

**Should you desire a private room, you can upgrade for $750. There is limited availability for single rooms, so please reserve early. You also have the option of arriving 1 day earlier and staying 1 day later, if you wish to extend your vacation. 

Note: Travel insurance is not included and we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance within 21 days of retreat purchase. We will help you secure this insurance so your trip is protected and insured.  

We’ve gained a lot of experience in our 25 years as business owners, and there’s one thing we know is true: You must have a solid foundation, built on joy AND strategy, to ensure your business is profitable and sustainable. 

M. Shannon Hernandez

M. Shannon Hernandez and Amy Hager are ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz—and this duo is specifically known around the globe for their joyful Business Growth Strategies. They work with online coaches and consultants, teaching them how to grow a highly profitable business that includes abundant time off.

Shannon is the founder of Joy Money Revolution and a sought after expert in online business strategy, and she has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Huffington Post, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design and is a master trainer and teacher. Amy, a true marketer and community builder at heart, helps clients apply simple strategies for increased revenue and productivity. When this dynamic duo is not working with their clients, you will find them funding projects that impact the world and its people, visiting wineries, and traveling the world.