If you are a visionary entrepreneur who is ready to become a thought leader in your niche, create a life you love, AND make more money, then join M. Shannon Hernandez for a transformative experience + marketing mastermind retreat in Italy.

Ahhh…the delights of Tuscany!

Step out of your everyday life and into the beautiful surroundings of Tuscany. It’s time to calm your mind–so we can work on the next important steps for you.

Imagine yourself sitting in the southern Tuscany countryside as you build your skills and confidence to become a thought leader in your field.

Feel your body’s delight as the Tuscan sun warms you while relaxing by the pool and gazing across the greening fields towards the nearby mountains and ancient town of Cortona.

Savor the flavors of fresh, local, seasonal vegetables in dishes created by our chef–and then by you, as you learn how to make authentic Italian food in our private cooking class.

Join me in Tuscany as we clear our minds and focus on building our own mental resilience, our skills and mindset for our businesses, and our community.

Come and taste a different culture and let the cross-cultural experiences strengthen your sense of you, and your brand.

Tuscany is the PERFECT place to spend 7 delightful days (and 6 nights)…

…brainstorming, planning and marketing your business while learning how to be more courageous, authentic, and impactful in your brand.

Imagine bringing that pile of stuff you’ve been working on in your business and FINALLY gaining clarity AND getting it all straightened out!  

  Perhaps you’ve been feeling…..

Flummoxed over the next steps in your business and how to achieve them?
No worries, we’ll work it out!

Can’t seem to figure out how to create a life you love WHILE running a successful business?
Happy to help – it’s all about alignment and focus!

Having troubles packaging and positioning your services?
Easy peasy – let’s do it together!

Marketing your business got you frustrated and flustered?
We’ll lay out your strategy month by month.

Not sure how to create the income you desire AND be highly profitable?
Let us count the ways…

So why should YOU join us?

Research tells us time and again that new experiences revitalize the mind, helping us to think outside the box in new and creative ways. It has been stated that getting away is an essential habit of effective thinking, and international travel has been linked to the ability to jump between different ideas. Savor fresh seasonal flavors, see artisans at work, be inspired, and create new opportunities for your life. Let the experiences of Tuscany and our discussions inspire you to new creative heights.

Is your content empowering you AND making you highly profitable?

Step out of your routine and take a deep dive into your content. As we talk about why content is so important, we’ll look at how your content brand empowers you to: 

  • Communicate authentically and with easewhich will make your marketing joyful and effective,
  • Share your brand story and message effectivelyso that you aren’t drained by trying to portray something that isn’t you, and
  • Consistently build your platform as a thought leaderwhich will attract an engaged audience who keep coming back time and time again.


“I signed up for the Business & Life Alignment Retreat because I was looking for clarity in how to define my business and align my core values with it—without losing my voice. Shannon provided a safe space to tap into our authentic selves and explore what was not working in our lives and businesses—and why. She magically did this without passing judgment, but rather helped us translate our understandings and discoveries to our lives and businesses.”

L Tomay Douglas

Business & Alignment Retreat, Oct. 2016

The building blocks to becoming a thought leader

During the work sessions and activities each day, and the time to relax in this beautiful environment, you’ll learn how to engage with the world around you in your own special way, how to use your voice to create your ideal clients, and how to simplify and streamline your marketing so you can make more money.

You will continue to develop the skills and confidence to speak your truth with vulnerability and authenticity. And we’ll practice self-care, as we relax in this historic setting.

With only six spots available for this incredible retreat, you don’t want to miss out and have to wait another year to experience how this journey will make a difference in your life, and in the lives of others.

Our Venue

“A sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere. A careful and delicate cuisine. An enchanting place. A stay with moments of poetry…”  Elena, previous guest at Borgo Syrah

Tuscany’s Val di Chiana stretches southwards from Arezzo and down to Cetona, westwards from Cortona and the Apennine Mountains, and includes the area of Montepulciano. Settlement dates back to the Etruscans and Romans, through the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and was even experienced by Leonardo da Vinci, and St Francis of Assisi.

We’ll spend our time surrounded by the beauty of southern Tuscany, on the plane near Cortona. Set on 200 acres of the 17th Century Manzano Farm, the wine estate, Tenimenti d’Alessandro, home of Borgo Syrah, will celebrate 50 years in 2017.

Resort Borgo Syrah is dedicated to wellness and relaxation. The meticulously renovated historical buildings of the oil mill – Frantoio, and the warehouses – Maggazzini show the deep respect for the old architecture and use, and modern comfort.

“A magnificent resort inside a prestigious wine estate where nothing is out of place; from the fully furnished and equipped apartments to the manicured gardens, from the vineyards to the cellars, and the outdoor and indoor relaxation zones.”  Franco, previous guest at Borgo Syrah

The private gardens, pool and spa are at your disposal, helping you relax and disconnect from the distractions of daily life, and focus on you and your business.

With the stunning vistas of the Tuscan hills, looking over the growing fields, you will experience real soul wellness, enjoying the food, art and beauty that surround you.

The Cuisine

Well known for its excellent food and wine, the slower pace of life in the Val di Chiana is seen in the charming towns that greet us along the roadways and perch on top the rolling hills. The rich fertile soil produces some of Tuscany’s best flavors – slow-cooked beans fagioli al fiasco, cantucci cookies to be enjoyed with the estate’s Vin Santo dessert wine, castagnaccio chestnut cake, and excellent extra virgin oil.

Our Chef, Luca, hails from nearby Arezzo, and knows the local temperament of the seasons well. He brings his passion for excellence and innovation together with fresh local ingredients, homegrown vegetables, handmade pastas and traditional recipes to create meals that will delight your taste buds.

“My passion is to create artisanal masterpieces that bring together the flavors, colors and perfumes of our land.”  Luca Fracassi, Chef, Osteria Borgo Syrah

Working with local artisans who respect the land and seasons, he chooses high quality ingredients and simply transforms them to meet your highest expectations.

Our menu will be artfully crafted to nurture your body and feed your soul, while delighting your senses!

Our venue, Resort Borgo Syrah, is home to beautiful clayed soils, year-round sunshine and typically little rain during the growing season, making it the perfect location for grapes, and particularly the Syrah and Viognier. The estate’s award-winning wines have been recognized in Wine Spectator, and by Gambero Rosso, recognizing them as some of Italy’s best.

But this is not just ANY kind of retreat…

This retreat is focused on you becoming stronger – to find your voice and develop your skills and plan to move forward.

Through the training sessions, our shared conversations, and the program of activities, your confidence will grow as your plan takes shape.

You’ll know why you are doing what you are doing and feel the support and care of our group, building community as we work.

“I am huge on self-care, especially for entrepreneurs. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, eating well, and having tons of fun, you aren’t able to build a sustainable business.” M. Shannon Hernandez, The Writing Whisperer

Through the fabulous activities and incredible sessions of the retreat, you will learn how to align your business and life, so you can have everything you have ever dreamed of having all at one time! And we’ll practice how to build your business with a holistic approach—because your business IS affected by your life and your life IS affected by your business

With so much to learn and practice, along with the physical and mental benefits of traveling, why would you pass this retreat up?  

Step out of your everyday, normal life and into the beautiful surroundings of Tuscany, as we work on the next important steps for you and your brand.

“If you have been thinking about attending a retreat hosted by Shannon, go! You’ll receive just what Shannon promises—and so much more! She is highly committed to making sure that the action you take, the content you create, and the brand you share with the world are aligned with the calling in your soul.”

KeeKee Cornelius

Business & Alignment Retreat, Oct. 2016

The Pleasures

Cooking up a storm

Food is at the heart of life in Italy. So what better way to savor the flavors of Italy than with an authentic Italian cooking class?

Visiting the nearby ancient hilltop town of Cortona, we’ll work a local cooking instructor and prepare a meal together, learning time-honored skills to make pasta from scratch and enjoy the fruits of our shared laborsa skill you can take home to share with family and friends.

Time in Bella Firenze

Florentine artisans have long been celebrated for their marbled papers. Used for flyleafs in leather-bound handwritten books, or as the outer covers for others, the exquisite patterns have been a part of the bookbinding process since the early days of the printing press.

We’ll visit one of Florence’s long-standing workshops where marbled papers and bookbinding are still practiced and celebrated. As you browse the beautiful pieces in the store, you might just be tempted to buy a notebook or two to help you feel inspired to pursue your creativity once you are home.

Aperitivo in Italy is one of the great delights of the day, and something to be enjoyed. Although you could have an aperitivo before lunch, most people enjoy it later in the day – after work and before dinner… or sometimes instead of dinner. A glass of wine and tasty treats are a wonderful way to relax and talk about the day’s events, enjoy the shared company, and simply take in scenery.

Weather permitting, we’ll be outside to savor the flavors and the Tuscan evening light in Florence.

Relaxing as the Romans did

One of the greatest benefits enjoyed by the Etruscans and Romans was the natural hot springsor ‘terme’across this ancient land. We’ll visit the village of Bagno Vignoni for an afternoon of relaxation and self care.

Popes, saints, artists and members of the Medici family have bathed in the waters heated by the subterranean aquifer. Surrounded by the panorama of the UNESCO heritage listed Val d’Orcia, opposite the restored fortress ruins of the Rocca di Tentannano, there are three pools of cooling temperatures to enjoy. If you choose, you can unwind in the gardens, or book a massages or spa treatment, available at your own expense.

After time at the terme, we’ll head east again, stopping for dinner at Passignano on the northern shore of Lake Trasimeno.

This ancient fishing village and medieval town is a favorite summer destination for Italians and visitors alike. With colorful pottery for sale, historic streets to stroll through, or taking time to watch the world go by, the evening views across the lake are a perfect end to a day of care.

Relax and let it all soak in…

A day to transitiontime to put it all together before you head home.

Attending a retreat is wonderfulyou’ll learn, grown, plan, and relax. But so often we rush back and lose some of that fabulous glow before we’ve had time to really embed it into our lives.

So we’ve created a day of options!

You might choose to spend time with me in one of the special three-hour VIP sessions I’ll hold that day. Available on a first-come basis, for an additional cost, let’s put it all together and make sure you’ve got what you need to engage with the world around you in your own special way, discovering how to use your voice to create your ideal clients, and get them better results.

Or maybe you’ll want to relax in the grounds of our beautiful accommodationsoaking up the sunshine and Tuscan tranquility. Relax by the pool, explore the wine estate and enjoy a wine and oil tasting.

Maybe you’d like to explore Cortona on your own or with a tour guide, or visit Lake Trasimeno and explore a little more. Once you are registered, we can help with suggestions of things you could do. Or maybe you’d like family or friends to join you in Italy after the retreat and extend your time in this beautiful ancient land. If this is for you – this is the day for them to arrive and meet up with you. The day is yours to spend as you like, taking time to transition from the full focus of our retreat, back to daily life.

Retreat Bonuses

Once you get home, I want to make sure you have the tools and support to keep going! That’s why I have two great bonuses for you.

  • Access to The Writing Whisperer Content and Training Library, so you can continue learning, growing, and implementing the ideas from the retreat into your brand
  • A 3-month (June, July, and August) Mastermind Group, so you can move forward with the goals and plans developed Italy, brainstorm fresh ideas, and build a deeper relationship with the other participants from the retreat

“As a result of working with Shannon, I have written out my ideal client in detail—and I am meeting my ideal clients daily! I have eliminated the marketing activities that do not serve my personality, and I have refined my coaching process and schedule.

If you are looking to attend a transformative experience that will change your life and your business, M. Shannon Hernandez has created a modern day Morse Code with her unique style and content—and she is guiding entrepreneurs to break that code and create Marketing Magic!”

Meshell Baker

Business & Alignment Retreat, Oct. 2016

What’s Included:
  • Tuscan elegance and luxury in double-occupancy apartments with separate bedrooms for six nights at Resort Borgo Syrah, a 4½ star resort
  • Five teaching sessions
  • Group mastermind sessions
  • A week full of insightful conversations
  • Two yoga sessions to help you relax
  • Six delicious breakfasts shared together
  • Coffee, tea, and fresh fruits in your room
  • Two lunches at Resort Borgo Syrah
  • Two dinners at Resort Borgo Syrah, including our Welcome drinks and dinner
  • Cooking Class with dinner in Cortona
  • Meet the Artisan in Florence – learn about marble papers and traditional bookbinding
  • Evening aperitivo in Florence at one of the city’s river-side osteria
  • An afternoon enjoying the waters at one of Italy’s oldest natural spas in Bagno Vignoni
  • Dinner by Lake Trasimeno, in the old town of Passignano sul Trasimeno
  • Transportation for our shared afternoon and evening adventures
  • Transportation from Florence airport on Saturday May 20 and back to Florence airport on Friday May 26
  • Access to my travel concierge, who will help you with all the details for a stress free journey to and from Italy
  • Retreat bonuses to keep you going once you get home
What’s Not Included:
  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Personal, medical and travel insurance – highly recommended from the time you Register
  • 2 lunches – one at our venue before we go to Florence, and one on our spa day in Bagno Vignoni
  • Activities, lunch and dinner on our Transition Day (May 25h)
  • Additional spa or massage services at our venue or on our Spa Day
  • Money for personal shopping
  • Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, laundry, etc.
  • Tips for accommodation staff (we recommend €1-2 per day per person). Tips for our driver (we recommend €30 per person).

Arrange your flight so you arrive in Florence, Italy on Saturday afternoon, May 20, before 1pm local time.

If you want to come earlier or stay later, that’s fine. Just let me know, and I’ll help you with the details.

I can also help you with your flight so you arrive on time. Just say the word!


When does registration close?

With only 6 spots available for this incredible retreat, registration will close when we have 6 paid deposits or on March 15, 2017, whichever comes first. After that, your name will be added to the wait list for notification of the next retreat.

Am I making the right decision? I’ve wasted lots of money on programs that didn’t give me a return on my investment.

I know how frustrating this is for you. My bet is that you’ve been trying to follow the advice of “gurus” who promised you things that weren’t possible for youbased on your personality. I know that didn’t feel good.

This innovative approach is all about working with your strengths and unique personality to create content and a marketing and business strategy that is in alignment with who you are. You don’t need to be someone you are not, and you don’t need to struggle anymore when building your business. This approach is very different and will help you find ease and joy when it comes to marketing your business.

How do I know this retreat will give me what I need to move forward?

My clients succeed most when they are:

  • Open to being 100% themselves when it comes to communicating their brand messages.
  • Willing to try new ideas and think “out of the box”.
  • Motivated and ready to work hard to create unique content to grow their businesses.
  • Willing to invest the time, energy, and resources into themselves, knowing that doing so will bring renewed spirit and innovation to their businesses.

If this is you, join us in Tuscany and build your skills and confidence, so you can continue to make your business and content work for you, and build yourself as a thought leader in your field.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. I’ve done a really great job explaining who this retreat is for and what you will take away from it. If you have a specific question that hasn’t been answered on this page, email me at hq [at] thewritingwhisperer [dot] com.

“Nothing beats figuring out your purpose in life. If you feel like you deserve it all—a great life, the freedom to follow your passion, financial security, being absolutely in love with who you are, and surrounding yourself with a circle of people who will love and appreciate you—I would sign up immediately for the next Writing Whisperer retreat.”

Abeki Carter

Business & Alignment Retreat, Oct. 2016

About M. Shannon Hernandez

One day changed everything.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy had somehow traveled far enough up the East Coast to do massive damage in New York and New Jersey, where I lived. While my home was not at all affected, I saw destruction all around me. People’s houses and lives were washed away within hours — the bewilderment and sadness remained after people’s houses and lives were washed away within hours. The collective energy of all of this had me asking if I was spending  every day exactly how I wanted to? The answer was a resounding “no”.

I was an 8th grade public school teacher, and I had been teaching for 15 years. Due to the destruction to the infrastructure of New York City, school was canceled, and I received what I now refer to as my “Hurricane Sandy Gift”—a week of solitude and deep thinking.

I used this time to think about all the ways I could use my current skills and expertise to build a business. I loved teaching—and I still love teaching—but I just couldn’t continue working for a public school system that continued to demoralize and devalue teachers daily.

Less than six months later, I launched The Writing Whisperer in February 2013. Then in June, I turned in my resignation to my teaching job. I haven’t looked back since.

And I am always encouraging others to create their own journeys of love, truth, and complete bliss.

People who know me refer to me as ShanLion because of the courage and fearlessness I now live my life! My sole mission is to teach and inspire others to dream bigger and bolder than ever before. I believe that if we use our voices to encourage and connect with people who need us most, we make the world a better place.

This passion ignites my mission with The Writing Whisperer, which is to help visionary entrepreneurs become thought leaders, through the use of strategic, branded content, so they can positively impact more people. Every act of business can be an act of love, and we can be profitable by staying true to who we are.

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