It’s become quite clear, among the conversations in my Facebook Group (Marketing for Thought Leaders) and the responses I continue to receive on the survey I sent out to my community: People are hella confused on marketing strategy: what it is, why it’s needed, and how to put one together. If you have an ineffective marketing strategy, business can just be sucky. Let’s change that!

A MARKETING STRATEGY is the overall strategic roadmap that will help you get to your goals. Whoa—-that means you need to set some goals. So let’s start there.

(NOTE: I teach peeps to create a 60 or 90 day marketing strategy. It takes this long for your prospects to get on board with what you are doing. And that strategy is focused on TWO goals at the most.)

Use these questions to set some marketing goals for the next 60 to 90 days:

a) What do I want to accomplish? (more optins, more referrals, x peeps in my upcoming course, etc.)
b) Is this accomplishment tied to a revenue goal? If so, what is my revenue goal?

a) Is the revenue goal tied to a sales conversation goal?
b) How many sales calls do I need to schedule to reach the above goals?
c) What’s my sales call conversion goal? (30%, 50%, etc.)

Use these questions to help you develop a strategy for the next 60-90 days, based on your goals:
a) What is my Content Personality™ and how am I using it in my marketing?
b) How will I track/measure the results from my marketing? (Remember, the definition of doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results (or no results) is INSANITY.)
c) How can I have tons of fun INVITING people to work with me and when hosting sales calls?
d) What is my offer? (Note, I said, ONE offer, not offers!) Remember, simplicity is the name of this game! Simple marketing strategy works.
After you have taken care of the top two categories, it’s time to lay out the week by week 60 to 90 day marketing plan. The key here is to be consistent, have fun, and be consistent, have fun! (Notice a theme there?) Remember, joy first…then the money will follow. #JoyfulMarketing

Here are 9 symptoms of an ineffective marketing strategy. When the ineffectiveness rears it’s ugly head, it can look like this:
1 – Not enough people booking appointments
2 – The right people are not booking appointments
3 – There is no marketing strategy in place at all!
4 – Lack of engagement
5 – “I’m in overwhelm mode and I spin out when it comes time to think about marketing.”
6 – “I hate marketing so I never make time to do it.”
7 – “I’m not confident in my marketing.”
8 – “I don’t know how to market my expertise.”
9 – “I’ve been mainly building a business based on referrals, so I don’t know how to put a marketing strategy in place now.”

So now the ball is in your marketing court: What will you choose to do?

How can you build a profitable, joyful business if your marketing strategy is broken, or you don’t take the time to create one for your business, or you aren’t confident with the strategy you do have?

The answer: You can’t. It’s impossible to run a profitable, joyful business if your marketing strategy is broken.

I can help.

It is entirely possible to embrace your Confident Expert, experience more joy in your life and business, and make a shit-ton of money in the process. <3

And it starts with making sure you have at least one offer that is transformative for your clients— and then building out a joyful marketing strategy to attract the right peeps to that offer.

If you’re tired of DIY solutions and want to get some help figuring this out together, request a Visibility Session. I look forward to speaking with you!