I’ve really taken to watercolor painting lately, and my current mission is to learn how to blend the paints and create the most beautiful creations. For me, it’s lots of water on the paper and trusting that the paint is gonna run and mix and do what paints do. It also takes a little bit of effort to strategically spread the paint around and get beautiful coloration. 


Here’s the hummingbird that I have been working on. What do you think?



Hummingbirds are interesting creatures.They have a tireless pursuit of finding sweetness: Did you know that they often visit more than 1000 flowers PER DAY to get the nectar they need? 


Here’s the beauty of that powerful factoid: THEY KNOW which flowers are the ones that are good for them. They aren’t wasting time on flowers without nectar, flowers with foul-smelling nectar, or flowers with dried-up nectar. 


I got to thinking about how smart these hummingbirds are–and what I could learn from them in my business. I already operate through the lens of sweetness and joy–and pivot as soon as I feel heaviness or a lack of creativity.


But the 1000 flowers a day? Wow – that got me thinking: What if we could reach 1000 people a day? How would our businesses change? How would things shift and grow? How sweet would that be?


As we all know, building a profitable coaching and consulting business can’t be done in isolation. It’s just not fun, nor feasible, nor energetically sustainable.  


What’s needed is strategic relationships. These are relationships that are mutually beneficial to all involved. For example, when I appear on a podcast, the host wants a great story, energy, and content. I want to share my expertise and expand my reach. The listeners want to learn something, be entertained. 


As I thought more about this concept of Strategic Relationships, I realized that I have done a lot of this over the years–and it’s a foundational concept we can all keep coming back to. Because in the end, your revenue is directly tied to the depth of your relationships. 


Would you like to think more deeply about strategic relationships and how the right ones can increase your revenue? 


Hummingbirds are truly a symbol of good things that exist in the world, and this bird knows all about play and optimism. I will take MORE OF THIS as a business owner. How about you?


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