Get Certified in the Content Personality™ Wheel

A few years ago a lady called me, sobbing, because her business coach was forcing her to write a book–and she just didn’t want to do it. I sobbed with her, feeling her pain, and that night, I laid in bed and thought about that call. I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and drew pictures and scribbled ideas.

The Content Personality™ Wheel was birthed on that sleepless night. This tool has been changing the way entrepreneurs around the globe market their businesses and attract the right clients.

I want to share a little bit more about the story of how the Content Personality™ Wheel came to be and why it matters in YOUR marketing. In this video, I will also share with you a few alignment stories from people who embraced their Content Personality™ and how it has impacted their businesses.

Content Personality™ Wheel Certification Deets

Who is this program a good fit for?

  • If you are a biz coach, marketing coach, consultant, curriculum developer, copy/content writer, virtual assistant, sales strategist, or a content strategist—this program may be for you!
  • Or, if you just want a deeper understanding of the Content Personality™ Wheel and how to market your business strategically and effectively—this program might be a good fit for you!

Why Content Personality™ Wheel Certification?

Content Personality™ Wheel Certification means you can use this unique body of work not only for a deeper understanding of marketing in your own business, but you can also use it with your clients and change their lives too!

Once a Content Personality™ Certified Ambassador, you will be listed on my website and become a preferred referral partner, which offers unique opportunities just to you:

  • First choice of referrals from me
  • Speaking and teaching at my virtual and live events, and
  • Offering your services, classes, and programs (and a personal endorsement from me!) to my community

Here’s what you will learn in the 6 month certification program:

  • All 5 personality types and their blends
  • Content marketing planning and strategy techniques that feel good to you
  • Implementation of and ongoing reflection on the content marketing plan for your brand
  • The most common mistakes people make in their content personality as related to their marketing.
  • Training in what aligned marketing looks like for all 5 personalities

Certification also includes:

  • 6 months mentorship with me, so you have an expert on your side to converse with, develop, and implement new innovative ideas for your marketing
  • Monthly Q&A Calls with a focus on how to market the Wheel and integrate it with your business, so you get more clients and make more money
  • Invitation to the Annual Content Personality™ Certified Ambassadors Retreat, so you can collaborate with other Ambassadors and learn new techniques and ideas for using the Wheel
  • Proprietary use of the Content Personality™ Quiz, Content Personality™ Course, and all related materials

My Ideal Certified Ambassador is someone who:

  • I would trust with my business and feel excited about referring business to.
  • Has high ethics and the desire to operate in integrity.
  • Is already established and successful in their niche, and wants to use the Content Personality™ Wheel to improve the results their clients can get, attract more potential buyers or expand the impact of their own content.
  • Serves entrepreneurs and believes in entrepreneurship as a way of creating time and financial freedom.
  • Absolutely loves the Content Personality™ Wheel and the way it changed your life.
  • Will openly share your expertise, ideas, referrals and best practices with your fellow Content Personality™ Certified Ambassadors in our monthly Ambassador call.

Above all, my goal is to teach YOU how to improve your marketing so you make more money, and if using with your clients, help them make more money, too! Both of these are the result of understanding the Content Personality Wheel™ and marketing on a deeper level.

If you are interested in pursuing certification and gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to market your services effectively and strategically and with JOY!, here are your next steps:

  • Your first step is to fill out the application for the program expressing your interest. (Program pricing and scholarship details can be found on the application.)
  • After you application is reviewed, we will set up a time to chat and see if certification is right for you! (There will be no pushing or selling—that just isn’t how I do business.)
  • If it looks like it will be a good fit for both of us to move forward, I will provide you with the details of what it will take for you to become a Content Personality™ Certified Ambassador.

Meet Your Fellow Content Personality™ Wheel Certified Ambassadors

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, CHt.

What will it take for you to love your “weirdness”, so you can cross the threshold of your genius? Cutting up mom’s magazines, images all over my desk I started pasting these random bits into a spiral notebook. I called it “What I want to be when I grow up.” At age ten the visual arts called to me; collage heals, problem solves and empowers. Using bits of paper and glue you can access deep wisdom, unlock your mystery and find solutions to problems that feel impossible.

I’m Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, CHt. a shamanic teacher, artist, SoulCollage® facilitator and a Certified Content Personality® Ambassador. Working together at a soul level we can transcend limitations and UNLOCK the BRILLIANCE that you truly be in your life and business. For over two decades I’ve taught woman across the world how to tap into their own knowing; and we create your content that same magical way. Let’s find that heart path of creativity that lights you up and inspires clients to hire you. I mentor clients through private coaching, group programs, products and events all over the world.

Please visit me at

Bonnie McDermid, Editor and Book Shepherd

I love books and the entrepreneurs who write them. It is my joy and privilege to help authors share their wisdom and expand their reach with professionally edited and beautifully crafted books from Wordsmith.Ink.

From Messy Manuscript to Beautiful Book-in-Hand
Your book needs guidance through the many steps between manuscript and indy publishing. Whether you have a completed manuscript or a burning desire to write a book, I will guide you through the essential decisions and steps to complete, polish and publish your book.

Advantages of an Editor With a Marketing Mindset
My experience includes extensive experience in corporate marketing communications, which perspective I bring to my work as editor and book shepherd. As your editor, I will polish your manuscript so that it speaks to your target audience, positions you as a thought leader in your niche and moves you closer to your business goals–without changing your style or voice. More in-depth editing services such as research, structural editing and rewriting also available.

Let’s talk about your book. I invite you to call me at 612-242-7700 to schedule a complimentary conversation, or email me at In the meantime, please visit my website at Wordsmith.Ink.

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