The world needs your brilliance and gifts. Do you FEEL the power in that statement? As a coach or consultant, I know we want to be spending our time doing ONE MAIN THING: coaching and consulting. But, you need clients to do that, right? Finding clients is where powerful connecting and communicating come in (ie marketing). Our future clients don’t know we exist if we aren’t connecting with them. 

I want to share a story with you of a time when getting clients felt hard for me. Like, teeth-gnashing, gnarly hard! It was not at all joyful. I kinda looked like this fish. 



Mainly, there were a few things going on: 

  • First, I was sitting behind a computer, wasting time “connecting” on social media. Praying that those comments and connections would lead to finding clients, or for people to ask me to help them. Sound familiar?
  • Second, my message wasn’t so clear. Yeah, they knew I was a marketing person, but I wasn’t sharing with them what they needed to hear: I help you get more clients. 
  • Third, you might call it spewing? Not sure–but I hadn’t found the beauty of sharing a personal story and how storytelling helped my ideal peeps connect with me–on an emotional level (emotion sells).

You have a responsibility to share your gifts with the world, and live your best life while doing it. It’s why you choose to be a coach and start a business! 

And it’s really hard to share your gifts and get client results if the right people don’t know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. 

To reach your ideal clients, your message has got to be on point. But here’s the kicker: You gotta make your marketing all about them. They have to HEAR and FEEL and SEE how you help them in terms of what they need right now.  

I am here to help you figure this out–and sign clients! And one of the BEST gifts I have for you is helping you craft your marketing message and hone your story telling. These two things alone will add another few thousand dollars to your monthly revenue! 

Your story is unique to you. It’s what makes you stand out as a coach/consultant. 

Your story cuts through all the slimy marketing to help your dream clients find you, but only if you know how to tell a powerful story and have the courage and confidence to do it, consistently! 

It’s your time. Time to dive into that messaging, time to uplevel your storytelling skills, and time to get finding clients! 

Client Success: Lisa Harter worked on her story marketing. She chose to work with me so she could attract the perfect clients (empty nest moms) into her group coaching program. She said this, recently: “If you want to get more clients, work with Shannon. I should have done it sooner. I quickly got my first group program off the ground and ran it successfully!”



{This is me + Lisa this summer in Maine. I went on a roadtrip to escape the Covid blues, and we had a great time at her coastal family home. We  collected seashells, honed her marketing message, and ate really great food. Lisa is a super cook!}

Are you ready to attract abundant clients–so you can do what you really want to be doing: coach and/or consult? 

If yes, see below. I’m roaring and ready to go–and help you sign more clients! 




Marketing Strategist + CEO Mindset Coach  


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