Episode 9: Selling via Your Phone Camera

You have one of the greatest tools available to you if you embrace it–your camera phone! Let’s put that sucker to good use and joyful sell via Facebook lives. We call this Social Selling.

It does take some practice, but with a few courageous clicks of the “go live button”, you too can sell via your phone camera. The biggest hurdle you might need to get over is talking yourself into it–for a least the first few times. We call this confidence!

After you go live a few times, it’s time to turn the comments into conversations on Facebook and follow up with peeps in messenger. There’s a way to do this that feels really good (to you and the other person)….and then there is a sleazy way. Let’s do it the FEEL GOOD way!

In this training:

  • What is social selling? (And how is it different from other types of selling)
  • What are Shannon’s top three tips for selling on social via your phone camera?
  • How to move the convo from Facebook live comments to messenger – the sleazy way and the non-sleazy way.


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