Ep 7: Loving your Business Through Life Transitions

Got curve balls? Of course you do! When it comes to life, they are always going to appear. How do you keep building your business (and loving it) through life transitions?
The cancer diagnosis. The divorce. The move to the home you always wanted. The sick kids. The vacation to Hawaii. Life happens. And all too often, I see coaches and consultants citing one of two things:
  • I can build/focus now because we are “going through some stuff”. I’ll get back to it when things calm down.
  • I would love to enroll in your program, but I need to waiting until the timing is right.
OY! People – for the love of your business, know this: This is a mindset. The curve balls are gonna keep coming, life is just one big transition after all, and if you delay your dream of a healthy, profitable coaching practice until the time and temperature are perfect, well that shit ain’t ever gonna happen!
Let’s go! Here are some strategies for more ease and flow (aka joy) during the tough times–so you don’t have to close up shop and can still serve and love and build with grace.
In this training:
  • We will discuss how to continue loving your business when life throws you curve balls!
  • We will brainstorm ideas for more loving ease and flow through the tough times.
  • We will see if you have a sustainable business model in place that allows you time off (without income loss) when big shifts in life happen


Our mission is to help coaches and consultants design a joyful and profitable business they love—where abundant time off is non-negotiable.

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