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Ep 2 (2020): Positioning Yourself as an Expert in the Marketplace

People want to work with experts. How are you positioning yourself as an expert in your niche?

Think back to the last time your dishwasher broke, or your heater or air conditioner, or you were diagnosed with a condition that needed a doctor. I bet you asked a friend “who do you know who is good at….” or asked online for a recommendation. I even bet that you read reviews. As an online coach and consultant, you are no different. People want to know what they are getting before they invest in you.

So…is your marketing doing its job? is your marketing positioning you as the expert you already are–and are you showing up with great content that serves others and teaches them about you and your expertise? Are you sharing the results that your clients are getting when they work with you?

Social proof is real, especially as more and more coaches and consultants start businesses. I have said it from the beginning of time, and I’ll continue to say it:Those who show up and lead and serve with great content–and are vulnerable and REAL people–will have the business of their dreams. Does it take time? Yes! Does it take focus and consistency? Yes!

In this training:

  • Why you must position yourself as an expert and trusted advisor in the marketplace to succeed in business
  • How the language you are using in your marketing is either attracting high paying clients or bottom of the barrel prospects (who will never join your program)
  • Why you must convey the ONE RESULT you get your clients to build an impactful and profitable business


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