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Ep 1 (2020): Playing the Long Term Game of Business Ownership

Business ownership is all about the long-term game–and it is why so many businesses fail. The long-term game is the game that is played over time, the game that is tested with different strategies, the game that has a strategy and a roadmap, complete with road blocks, yield signs, and warnings for detours. It is the STRATEGIC game that is not at all concerned with the newest tools and tactics.

This long-term game requires intense focus–another thing I see many business owners struggle with. They are focused on lots of shiny objects that seem fun and creative, yet aren’t bringing them money. They abandon when the going gets tough – they throw their “spaghetti strategy” out the window and proclaim: Nothing is working! Then they close up shop and say “this isn’t for me”.

What if your marketing strategy was JOYFUL…and worked? What if it created more time for you to live your life and do the things you wanted to be doing, outside of your business? What if you everything you ever heard or learned about marketing, was actually a lie?

In this training:
  • Why you must embrace testing and trying new things, measuring results, and market research to improve your marketing and revenue
  • Why you must FOCUS, so you can innovate and grow
  • Why stepping into leadership helps you move from tactics to strategy for long-term growth


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