Wow! I just arrived home from my Destination VIP Experience with Shannon, and I am so grateful for the experience I had–and am so excited to get started with all the great ideas we created for my business. 


I have reached a point in my business that I am ready to pivot and shift into some new offerings, and I knew I needed assistance in mapping out exactly what my next best steps would be to launch my new programs, price them for profit, and market them. When Shannon offered her Destination VIP Experience, I jumped on it, because I love to travel and wanted to have tons of fun while doing this work. 

I reached out to Shannon and we began our plans for a luxury-filled weekend in New Orleans! Travel is not only what my business IS, it’s a key core value of my life and what brings me the most joy. I knew with Shannon’s marketing genius and her love for travel this would be a match made in heaven.

What made this four day experience so perfect was that we had a complete balance of self-care, exploration, entertainment and laughter! It created the perfect background for a kick-ass deep-dive working session that left me on fire for what’s next in my business.


Our stay in New Orleans was in a lovely Bed & Breakfast that was in the most perfect location in the Garden District. We had access to the St. Charles Historic Trolley car, and we used this daily as we explored this amazing and eclectic city.

We started our first day with a full day spa experience that was pure heaven. We were pampered in the most luxurious spa I’ve been to in quite a while. Our days were filled with the flexibility of finding amazing food and restaurants and sitting in local jazz bars that brought so much joy and sung to our souls! We spent hours walking the gorgeous parkway paths of the Audubon Park and enjoyed some killer stories on a personal and amazing walking tour learning about the Bad Bitches of New Orleans. We did what we wanted, when we wanted, and it was all perfect.

My work sessions with Shannon were incredible! They were a collaborative effort as she allowed me the space to really reach deep and determine what it is I want to do next in my business. She asked me pertinent and probing questions that allowed me to dream….BIG! Then she showed me exactly how to get shit done!

I cannot wait for our next Destination VIP Experience to see where we will travel to next, together. In my world, there cannot be a better way to invest my time and money not only in my business, but in myself.


Ready to travel again, in a safe way? Join me for the Destination VIP + Marketing Mentorship Program. Your vacation is completely paid for (minus airfare/travel). Tell me where you want to go and what you want to do—and I’ll meet you there!

It will be me + you rocking your joyful marketing strategy and growing your business! Email me at hq (at) mshannonhernandez (dot) com to express interest and share with me what’s on your travel bucket list!