I’ve been working with a client—we’ll call her Sally. And I think that what Sally has struggled with for years as a health coach, may resonate greatly with you.

Sally came to me about four months ago, passionate about her business as a health coach, but FED UP.

She was so sick of….

  • living paycheck to paycheck in her biz, barely being able to pay the bills each month
  • spending hours “marketing” and getting nothing in return
  • having conversations with people who she thought were her ideal clients, only to find out they w/couldn’t pay her fees
  • feeling like she was blending in with all the other health coaches out there

Does any of this sound familiar?

As Sally and I coached together, it became clear as to why she was struggling so much in her business. Sally continued to:

  • discount her fees just to get clients (even though she had her own bills to pay)
  • take on clients who were not a good fit for her specific health coaching focus (this caused her to blend in, rather than stand out)
  • spend lots of time doing things she thought she should be doing (like checking Facebook and Twitter, writing a blog every week, etc.), even though she wasn’t seeing a return on her time spent doing those tasks

The main problem here is that Sally didn’t know what she STOOD for in business and life. She was floundering around, trying to make stuff work, but she had no clarity around her values, beliefs, and standards.

Unfortunately, I see this a lot when I begin to work with clients. But, as soon as we notice the problem, and correct it, their businesses take off and become both easy AND profitable. We fix it with a Brand Manifesto!

Do you have a brand manifesto that outlines exactly what you stand for in your brand? Are you crystal-clear AND unwavering, in who you will work with, what you will charge, and what you stand for?

I’m betting not—because it’s not really talked about (or taught) by many coaches.

However, I know that my Brand Manifesto has been “the thing” that has helped me build a global brand in less than three years, helped me attract the right clients to my business, and has helped me build a community around my mission.

In a nutshell, my Content Branding Manifesto gives people a deeper experience of the value I bring to the marketing and coaching table!

On December 8th, 2016, I’m hosting a LIVE, virtual workshop (you can join from anywhere), from 12-3P ET. During this workshop, you will discover what your real attraction factor is (Yes, your marketing is about to get even easier!) and you will create your unique Brand Manifesto.

And…a bit of spectacular news: Your registration allows you to invite a friend—for free! You can gift this workshop to a client, a team member, a colleague, or a mastermind buddy!

I hope you’ll join us. Click here to check out my passion-filled brand manifesto video and to read about the workshop!