Content Marketing Your Way

Join me for a LIVE, virtual workshop on September 20 from 12:00-1:30P ET.

In this 90minute hands-on workshop you will discover how you can market your business YOUR own way, with content that feels really good to you, and attracts your ideal clients–all WITHOUT the energetic and emotional drain.

This month’s topic is….Your Joyful Newsletter: Creating Community and Attracting Clients

Registration for this workshop is $47.

Below are the TOP 5 things you will walk away with after this workshop.

Discover how to:

  • Create custom content to market your business, sell your services, and build a stronger brand presence.
  • Stop attracting and working with clients who are draining you energetically–and start working with clients who light you up and value the wisdom and insight you share with them.
  • See content marketing in a new way, ensuring it is aligned with your personality—so you create content that feels good to you and can step out of the shadows and share your brilliance with the world.
  • Connect emotionally with your list–so you build relationships and community every time you land in an inbox.
  • Use your newsletter as a two-way communication tool, between you and your subscribers

I’ve created a global, 6-figure brand in less than three years…and it’s growing!

How have I done that? I’ve focused first and foremost on branded content and building relationships WITH that content. I show up and serve people daily. I’ve also been crystal-clear (and unwavering) in my values, standards, and beliefs from the very beginning–and I’ve always believed that quality content is the KEY to branding yourself as a go-to person in your market.

Join us for this fun and interactive workshop where you will map out your own content ideas and strategy for your brand. Registration for this workshop is $47.

Note: This workshop will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you will get the recording. However, I encourage you to mark the date and time in your calendar. Magic happens when you show up for your brand and work live with me! <3