Hey there, What’s Your Content Personality™️?

Confidence is a choice.

I’ve noticed two crazy patterns that business owners can fall into when they lack confidence. They shrink back, filled with shame and judgment, and eventually go silent.  Or they forge ahead blindly. They immerse themselves in busy-work (i.e., non Revenue Generating...

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Where to Use Stories In Your Marketing

I’d like to answer a question I received about story marketing: Q: Where can I use stories in my marketing? Like, where should I put them? A: Everywhere! But let me get a little more specific. Newsletters: Did you know that for every month you go without communicating...

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You Are Not Alone In Business

One of the biggest things that kills the entrepreneurial spirit is social isolation. This is such a hardship because as creatives and Thought Leaders, we value feedback and community so that we can improve our ideas and businesses. We rarely create great stuff in...

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Make JOY Your New Business Plan

What if JOY was the business plan that got you the biggest results? I am using a tool called Joy| Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment to help biz owners around the globe understand that prioritizing joy is imperative -- so the money can flow. I've also incorporated a...

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