What’s Your Content Personality™?

Good Marketing Changes Feelings

Meet my nephew, Kingston, who has been playing tourist with me throughout Brooklyn and NYC, for about 5 days now. One evening, he asked me for a black pen, some blank paper, and some colors. After gathering the supplies, he began creating an idea for a video game. I...

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Everyone Starts From Zero

Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. How do you react to zero? Is it a number/concept that scares you…or inspires you? “Everyone starts from zero.” This is something I've sort of become "known" for, because I say it frequently. It most happens like this: “Shannon, I’d like to...

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Your Personal Life Matters

What does being a Thought Leader have to do with your personal life? Thought leaders take control of their own thoughts. They don’t let the world’s drama control or overtake them. They don’t let other people’s judgements and opinions sway them into making or altering...

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My Journey Into Digital Nomad Lands

For years, I've been dreaming of becoming a Digital Nomad. If you aren't familiar with the lingo, a Digital Nomad is someone who can work from anywhere. Sometimes, these peeps are also referred to as location-independent business owners. When I first left my 15-year...

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Sobbing On A Country Hill

I cried my eyes out walking up this hill earlier in the week. It started as a “cool cry”—tears leaking from the outside corners of my eyes. The kind I could wipe away, discretely, without anyone knowing. (Not that there was anyone around to notice the tears to begin...

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