Hey there, it’s Amy–your Joyful Marketing Specialist–here to talk about a common problem that experienced coaches and consultants face when trying to break through an income ceiling, so they can double or triple their monthly income.  


If you are an established coach and consultant and have a business model where you work 1:1 with your clients, but you are ready to switch things up, so you can create more impact, income, and time off, please keep reading. 


It has been a true pleasure to watch Shannon grow this brand over the past 6 years. I have been in her world since she was a “baby business owner”. In the initial phases, she worked primarily 1:1 with clients. The demand for her work was so great that she couldn’t take on any more clients–yet she did! And do you know what happened? BURNOUT. Her energy was tapped, her sales calendar was full, and she kept extending her work day in order to take on the new clients, and make more money. 


As you can imagine, this was not sustainable. In fact, once Shannon realized this, she began moving from a 1:1 to a 1:Many coaching/consulting model. The results have been profound. She shook the burnout and has tripled her monthly income (from $8k/mo to $24k/mo), she has leveraged her time (giving her MORE time off), and her clients are getting faster and better results in the group setting. 


My role today is to help you think through where you are GROWING. It’s important that we think about these things now–because far too many coaches think about their business model shifts in the throws of burnout (like Shannon). My expertise in building teams and systems has taught me that the time for you to think about your growth is NOW, not later. 


If you have a mostly full/full 1:1 coaching/consulting practice, you get referrals for your work and/or your marketing brings the ideal clients to you, and you can see the income ceiling closing in above you, or your energy is feeling zapped, keep reading. (And/Or if you just prefer group energy rather than 1:1 energy, keep reading!)  


What’s it take to move from a 1:1 model to a 1:1 many coaching/consulting model?  


I caught up with Shannon and here were the two biggest hurdles she had to overcome to make this strategic move:


  1. She was taught from a prior coach that 1:1 work was the only way for clients to get great results. She held onto this belief for far too long. When she shattered this limiting belief, and decided that she could indeed help clients get SUPERB results in a group setting, things started to shift. (It always starts with our mindset, doesn’t it?)                                                                                                                                       
  2. Shannon also had to develop a process that clients could follow. If you are working with clients 1:1, you already have this process. We call it the A —> B process. They are at point “A” and they want point “B”. When moving your 1:1 program to a group model, it is absolutely essential that you SIMPLIFY everything down and get rid of the fluff. This is a win-win situation: You have a process that people can use to guide them to get the results they want, AND they get results FASTER and are happier.., without burnout. 


Moving to a 1:Many business model is a game changer (and necessary) for coaches who want to create a bigger impact in the world, have more time off to spend with their families/hobbies, and who want to make more money each month. 


If this conversation has resonated with you, please schedule a call with me! I am well-versed in the Joyful Marketing Method and would love to brainstorm with you, so you can dig into the details of your current business model and we can brainstorm the next best steps for you


The coaches and consultants who would benefit most from this 30 minute Creative Business Brainstorming conversation meet the following criteria:

  1. You have been in business at least 2 years as an online coach/ consultant. 
  2. You have an active website for your online coaching/consulting business. 
  3. You are making an average of $4k/month (when you average the revenue generated over the last 3 months). 
  4. You have client success stories/testimonials that speak to the results of working with you.  

Schedule your call here. We have room to speak with a few people within the next week. (Yes, this session is complementary–and if we feel we can help you with your marketing and help you sign more paid, ideal clients, we will have that conversation with you after our brainstorming session. <3)


Amy Hager

YOUR Joyful Marketing Specialist