Angella Johnson and I recently hosted a live training for our communities called How to Amplify Your Connections in Business. Entrepreneurs from 5 countries joined us to learn the importance of connection, community, and conversation. 

Building relationships, and giving and receiving referrals are core pieces of marketing. YET, many people aren’t doing this at all, or they aren’t doing it well. And…a lot of marketing has turned into getting quick results. But, the truth is, nurturing people takes time, but will create more profit and value in the long run.

**Newsflash**: Nurturing people doesn’t happen with slick Facebook ads or email marketing.

In this training, we kept it real and truthful. We were brutally honest. We shared:

  • what it felt like to be the ones consistently giving referrals–but rarely hearing back from the peeps we were referring to. (How rude!).
  • the best ways to facilitate connection calls. It’s a balance of listening and asking for what you want as a result. And it’s NEVER slimy, sleezy, or sales-y.
  • what it means to show up a connection call prepared
  • how to prepare yourself energetically for the call
  • best practices for powerful conversation. We even role played, live!
  • how to determine your Content Personality™ (see below) and your Marketing Archetype™ (Angella teaches this beautifully and you’ll find so much clarity on how to make your marketing easy and joyful.)

One of the main points I taught about during this training was matching your connection call platform with your Content Personality™. For example, if your Content Personality is video or live in-person, Zoom calls make a perfect platform for you. This is because you can see the person in real time and feel a deeper connection with them.

If you aren’t sure what your Content Personality™ is, no worries.

Enjoy the training!