Hey there, it’s Amy–your Joyful Marketing Specialist–here to talk about a common Money Mindset Myth. 


If you are an established coach and consultant and keep purchasing money mindset/manifestation programs/courses, and completing the courses, but your money mindset doesn’t seem to improve or get you where you would like to be, please keep reading. 


I had a fascinating conversation with a potential client a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the short version. She shared: 


“My income is inconsistent. One month I am making upwards of $15k and the next month $3k. This is so frustrating. And it’s exhausting, because in the months I sign all the clients, I am working 80 hour weeks to fulfill the work, burning out, and then crashing.”


Me: Why do you think this might be happening?


“I think I have a money mindset problem. I don’t understand why I can’t make consistent income from month to month. On the low months I feel like I am spinning out of control.”


Me: How do you feel on the high months?


“Honestly, I want to feel good in those months, and money wise, I do! But I’m so tired from fulfilling the client work, that I can’t enjoy the success.”

Me: In the months where you are making $10-$15k/month, do you think you have a money mindset problem? Does that cross your mind, then?


“No. My self-worth feels high on those months. I actually feel like I can do anything!” 


So may I propose a different thing that might be going on here?


She said yes. So I proceeded:


This most likely isn’t a money mindset issue. It has been SOLD to you as a money mindset issue, yet you keep saying that you don’t have a problem GENERATING the money or ASKING for the money. But in the months when you feel low self-worth, you have diagnosed the problem as money mindset. And then you buy the programs, dive in, try to “fix it”, and you are right back here again a couple of months later. Does that sound right?




Me: Tell me about your marketing strategy for attracting your ideal clients.


“I don’t have one.”


Me: Tell me about your day to day fun plan for sharing about your business? 


“I don’t have that!” 


Me: Do you know how to create that? Has anyone talked to you about this?




Me: Okay, so I see this A LOT. People self-diagnose this problem in their business as a money mindset problem, yet, what is really happening is you don’t have a marketing plan, and when you take on so many clients at once, if you did have a marketing plan, it would most likely not get done with 80 hour work weeks. Sound about right?


“OMG. Yes. I see it now. And I don’t even know how I get those clients. I mean some come from referrals, but once they are signed, I am so consumed with their work, and then I am right back at $2k-$3k month.” 


Me: Yes, you actually keep buying a bandaid — money mindset courses. But it will never fix the real problem, which you haven’t seen until now: You don’t have a consistent way to talk about and highlight the problem your business solves and the results your clients get, so you end up with months of “income drought” where you are left doubting what to do next and where you went “wrong”. 


“That is true. I can’t believe I didn’t see that until now.”


(This potential client will be back to work with us. However, she had just purchased (again) an $1800 Money Mindset Program, and she wanted to go make some money, and then come back for the help she really needed.) 


Sound familiar? 


What if you actually didn’t have a money mindset problem, but could benefit from some strategic marketing help? 


Because let’s face it: If your marketing was working like you wanted it to, you’d be making the money you’d want to be making, consistently, and then money mindset wouldn’t be an issue. 🙂 


If this conversation has resonated with you, please schedule a call with me! I am well-versed in the Joyful Marketing Method and would love to brainstorm with you, so you can dig into the details of your current marketing to: 

  1. Help you discover where you can get better clarity in your marketing, and
  2. Help you get more clients to book sales calls with you. 


The coaches and consultants who would benefit most from this 30 minute Creative Business Brainstorming conversation meet the following criteria:

  1. You have been in business at least 2 years as an online coach/ consultant. 
  2. You have an active website for your online coaching/consulting business. 
  3. You are making an average of $4k/month (when you average the revenue generated over the last 3 months). 
  4. You have client success stories/testimonials that speak to the results of working with you.  

Schedule your call here. We have room to speak with a few people within the next week. (Yes, this session is complementary–and if we feel we can help you with your marketing and help you sign more paid, ideal clients, we will have that conversation with you after our brainstorming session. <3)



Amy Hager

YOUR Joyful Marketing Specialist