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Ep 5: A business model that honors your lifestyle values

Most people have this backwards: They build a business that will eventually support the lifestyle they crave, rather than getting clear NOW on what is most important to them (in terms of their lifestyle) and building a business around those things, NOW.
Sound familiar? Most likely it does, because all the guru marketers perpetuate the myth that you must “build big and extravagant” so you can eventually have what you want.
I’m calling bullshit.
This ain’t your average business building advice! What would happen if you built (or rebuilt) a business model that honored ALL the things that were important in your life? Would you prioritize more time off, travel, more time with your kids, and making more money?
In this training:
  • We will take a deep look at what drives you – those lifestyle values that help you lead and live a fulfilling life.
  • We will determine your top lifestyle values and see how your business model honors them (or not)
  • We will discuss various business models – is it time to pivot so you fall deeper in love with your business?


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