Blogging can be a highly successful piece of your overall content marketing strategy. However, if your writing is a “hot mess,” people will have a hard time even finding your writing in an organic Google search. And if they do find your post and it isn’t formatted for ease on your reader’s eyes, they aren’t going to stick around to see all the great stuff you have to say!


My top 10 tips for writing blog posts that won’t be ignored:

      1. Be sure your blog posts are scannable. People are busy and click from page to page when. You can make your posts scannable by using lists, bullets, and subtitles.
      2. Keep your words concise. Get your point across in fewer than 700 words. Blogs posts that fall between 400-700 words seem to be the most successful, if they are well-written.
      3. Remain on topic. Don’t lose your readers by wandering off with your own thoughts and words!
      4. Engage your audience. Pull them into the post with a short story, ask a question at the end of the post, and provide a little humor if the topic seems a bit dry.
      5. The titles you choose will either make or break you. As a copywriter myself, I want to introduce you to an invaluable tool I use for crafting catch titles. Headline Analyzer is free! and it helps you improve your copywriting skills by rating your headlines or blog post titles.You’ll also learn if your words are connecting on an intellectual, empathic, or spiritual level. The higher your score, the better your title.
      6. People love pictures! But, don’t fall into the trap of using images illegally.
      7. Speaking of pictures, be sure to add ALT tags to your images. Most people forget that Google can only lift text details. Optimize your images by including keywords in the ALT tags. It also helps to make sure the filename and description of your images are optimized too.
      8. Use keywords in your headings and sub-headings. You will also want to find a way to used keywords in your title tags, meta description, the first sentence of your post and the in the closing paragraph.
      9. When it makes sense, link to at least one piece of related content on your website. Including a link to other content on your site in your blog posts improves your bounce rate by keeping readers on your site longer.
      10. Write about topics which you are passionate about! I can’t stress this point enough. If you disconnected with the topic you are writing about, your audience is going to sense your negative vibe. So, stick to writing about what you love!

For more blogging tips to propel your message forward, as well as tips on building a loyal audience, continue clicking around this blog, where there are tons of resources to keep your writing on track!